13v alarm set output interface to Smartthings

My Honeywell alarm has a 13v set output which I thought would be great if I could use to change the mode of my SmartThings Hub to armed as well.
Is there a zwave relay that could do this?

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great question, I would like to do something similar

I do something similar.
You can just use a standard relay and connect the contacts of the relay to either a door sensor that has dry contacts like the Fibaro, or use a water sensor with a cable (if you cut the plug off the water sensor you can connect the two wires across your relay - they will show wet when connected together)
I use quite a lot of water sensors to integrate physical or electrical switches (relays) with ST


Just something to watch out for. A relay coil has very low resistance and some alarm won’t work well because of end of line resistor or requires high resistance for open.
If a relay doesn’t work. You can also try an opto isolator.