100 Device Limit (Issue)

What are you talking about… my comment has nothing do do with whether something works in Alexa or not. It has to do with getting around the 100 device limit in smartapps

I know. Your comment was about how to get around it by using “classes of devices”. The problem with that idea is that for the single class of “switch”, there tend to be a lot of them, and there is no easy way to change that. There is a way that entails customized device handlers, but there is not a way to “reclassify” them into other classes.

My workaround doesn’t work. Once you take away capability.switch from a device, the platform chokes on on or off for that device. For my ceiling fans, I changed everything touching them to just use dimmer values, so off is accomplished by setting dim level to 0.

This works for that limited case, and maybe similar ones, where a dimmer can be controlled with using on or off, and hence get off the list for switch.

What a mess!!


I forgot one thing: When a device has capability switch, it doesn’t need to make explicit that it supports on and off. That’s why the platform chokes on those commands. But, since it’s a modified device type anyway, it’s simple enough to declare on() and off() as commands. This works.

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LOL, this is what’s it come to!
implementing standard commands as custom commands after removing the capability responsible for the default command set…

I’m turning my hub off for a few days, ping me when it’s fixed…


No, actually, we are seriously considering just pulling the plug. It’s untenable, it’s just not justifiable to put this much effort into this POS to just get screwed over and over. WAF is zero. Not good.

Unreliable automation is worse than no automation.


If @bravenel leaves, this is a major blow to ST and the community. Community developers makes ST what it is today(which would be nothing without them).


This is so messed up it’s not funny. @slagle, can you shed any light on the possibility of a fix for this sometime before hell freezes over? :anguished:

Been working with a few teams on this. We’re trying to figure out the best way to go about it, we could flip the switch but that might cause more harm than good. So we gotta be careful.


What would you move too?

Does anybody know if the recent 14.38 hub firmware release fixed the 100 device problem?

Nope, just checked. I wouldn’t expect a firmware update would resolve this issue because, if I remember right, it’s a pagination bug with the backend/app somewhere.

Again, just speculation and “I think”…

This workaround will only work if the devices in each class are under 100. @Tino_Race would still be screwed. I’m at 98, so I’m getting worried because I have three sensor unopened in a box on my desk as we speak.


Exactly I want more than 100 devices in the switch class. I’m not even close to where I want to be to truely consider my smart home complete.
All they need to do it remove the bit of code which prevents >100 devices being displayed. I’ve still yet to hear a reason for why we can have more than 100 devices in a class but not be able to see then when selecting in smart apps

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What’s the word on this issue. I hit this limit last night. Is there a fix?

I’ll follow up on this.

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Do I need to submit a ticket to support about this?

How did you hit this last night? Did you find 50 more switches hiding in your garage?

No, I jumped on the buy two get one free iris outlets that have the zigbee outlet and Zwave repeater. I got the first two installed just fine. Then I noticed that things started not showing up in the smartapps or the things list.

I’m over the 100 limit for devices with switch capability.

I’ve got 17 virtual switches I can program around, but I have 27 devices in the garage left to install, all of them switches… And the new iris outlets count as two if I want the Zwave repeater.

But, I can live without that since I literally have over 100 Zwave physical devices… I think my mesh is strong with this one!

I do need the zigbee repeaters though.

Unfortunately this bug doesn’t care about the protocol, only the switch capability.

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When I submitted a ticket UK Support said there were no plans to fix this and that was the end of their interest

Nice. Glad to see they care.

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