1 November 2016: I hate the new IFTTT. 😡

That is all. :persevere:

(They clearly designed it assuming that everyone will be using it through the app on the phone, not a tablet or laptop. And you used to be able to see all of the IF and that options even if you didn’t have a device, which helped when you were shopping and trying to decide, for example, which video doorbell to get. Now you have to have an account with the “service” (channel) before you can see the available options. Anyway, it’s awful.)


I hate that the new section is gone. I used to check IF every morning and now I am not sure how to.

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You can see triggers and actions but they are well hidden. You have to go into the channel (or service as it now seems to be called) and all the way at the bottom is a tiny link to “triggers and actions”. This then displays them

It is shocking that they removed this and the new channels section. If they had bothered to speak to a single user I doubt anyone would have said “oh, yes please get rid of these two really useful features for no particular reason”

I would recommend lots of people go to this link to have a moan about this:


Thanks! BTW, I found out You can still see "new "if you look at it in the app instead of on the website. It really looks like this was designed to be used in the app on a phone.

ugh! I NEVER use the app :frowning:

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I can’t open the new IFTTT at work. It says I’m using an old browser and to download the google chrome. We cannot download anything at work; therefore, the new IFTTT is useless for me (at work) unless I use the app version now. It was so much easier to use a computer than mobile app.

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Also I noticed in the iOS app, they are pitching to become a partner for $199 a month. First time I saw them trying to generate revenue and market it that way. Clearly they are trying something new, but yes, it’s awful. Applets were renamed from recipes.

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Some articles regarding IFTTT changing to applets

For example, an Applet will support an instruction along the lines of If This Than That, That, and That. But there is a catch to this new functionality that has been long requested by IFTTT faithful … only manufacturers and service providers will be able to make these multilevel applets. Regular users will still be limited to the single If This, Then That recipe-style formulas — at least for now.


A step in the right direction, but clearly they are looking for ways to drive revenue. I can’t blame them. To this point, it’s been a mystery how they were generating any revenue.

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Companies always had to pay to have a channel. That was the revenue source. Free to end-users, a charge to companies.

I think instead they now trying to reach lots and lots and lots of small services. And I believe they restructured the payment chart with a volume aspect so it will be less expensive for the very small companies.

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I always figured companies were paying. Their site is a mess today, slow, full of errors. Are there any available applets that work with multiple services? They show examples of Alexa doing multiple things in one applet. Also, its impossible to find anything now on their site. What the hell have they done!!!

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anyone figure out how to get the android wear tap button to come back? it seems you can’t use the android wear channel to make your own applet which sucks ;(

the app is even installed on my watch still after the update!

Dumped them a week ago. Only had 2 jobs in there, and recent with Ring integration into ST I no longer needed it.

You have to recreate them using the new “DO Button”. But first, check on your android wear device to make sure that the new IFTTT icon is displayed (blue/red/black square). If it’s still the old icon, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone so it forces an update of the app on your android wear device. Once you’ve confirmed the app has been updated, create an applet where the trigger service is DO Button button press and the action service is your SmartThings action.


I’m happy to hear they are working on “If this then that, that, and that” but it should be available to users. I would happily pay $4.99 a month for that feature. I noticed that the response time has become near instant.

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It looks like stacked conditionals will be up to the individual services/channel company to implement. Not a general IFTTT feature.

Right, that disappoints me and I would be willing to pay for it to also work for end users…

Some bullshit for real

and here i get a notice that they are now charging for it, they can think again i wont be purchasing it, it isn’t that fantastic and hasn’t worked for some time.

It was good while it lasted but a ridiculous amount of money for something that is essentially at best an optional accessory

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