SmartApps like IFTTT in the new app? Custom apps?

I didn’t see this clearly discussed in the community: is IFTTT compatible with the new app? I had it connected as a smartapp in the Classic, but it does not automatically appear in the new app, and if I attempt to add a new smartapp in the new app, IFTTT is not an option. Any thoughts or ideas?

It seems like smartapps in the new app are very limited…

look in the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) select settings (the cog) then Linked Services

note: I don’t use it but that is my guess where you might find it :slight_smile:

It will show up there, but only after you have added the SmartThings service to your Ifttt account.

It’s no longer considered a smartapp, it’s a “connected service.“

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