ZWN-RSM2 switch relay module not operating as I had hoped

I just ordered and received one of these. I have 2 shop light fluorescent fixtures, each plugged into non dimming receptacle controller. I mounted 2 conventional toggles in an old work box and wired them into the switch relay module but capped the load wires with wirenuts. I was hoping to use the toggle change of state in the relay module to trigger the receptacle controllers to turn on or off with the toggles. However it is not working out that way. Is there any way to do what I want with the switch relay I have? Also how do I address the second switch on the relay?

This will get the 2nd relay to work

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  1. In which way does it not work right for you?
  2. If I understand correctly. You are trying to do a virtual 2 ways switch. If so. You can use the ST smart lighting smartapps to do it.
  3. Since you already have the smart receptacle. You can also use a minimote to control it.

After using the device type listed above, you use either smart lighting or core to assign each relay switch to then actuate the power outlets.

Is this not something you can easily wire the lights into the relay? Seems a minimote would be a cheaper/more flexible option as you are only using the relay as a switch. If I understand you correctly.

I have the module and logic set up in ST (at least the first one). If I toggle the switch I hear the relay click in the switch module, but ST doesn’t show a state change for the switch when I operate the toggle either way. If I press the face plate for the switch in ST, then the light operates on and off as expected from the receptacle control, and I hear the switch relay change state as well. It seems like ST doesnt know when the switch is manually toggled.

As far as hard wiring, I am trying to avoid disturbing the firewall ceiling separating the Garage from the bedroom above it. As far as the minimote, I am trying to make the lighting control intuitive and conventional as possible for any user that would walk out to a dark garage.

Run a z-wave repair, every once in a while my relay physical switches work to toggle their load but don’t update like you seem to be experiencing. Repair has always fixed it. I’ve had it happen maybe 3 times in about a year.

You will solve both the physical status issue and second switch control by following the post mentioned above by @rsimp00
Make sense to make things intuitive and conventional. Just something to be aware. You won’t be able to control the light if ST or internet is down.

Thanks for the response…I guess I didn’t realize the logic executed in the cloud with ST. I had assumed the logic executed locally in the ST Hub with v2.

Some devices work locally with ST genetic device handler and only smartapps for local right now is the ST smart lighting. Since you are using a custom device handler and virtual switches in order to get the dual relay to work. It won’t qualify for local. Saying that. ST is pretty decent for just basic control on switches.

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