Zwave/Zigbee Control of Battery Powered LED Fairylights

I have a large Airbnb unit that has a signature feature and attraction of home automation. The lights, music, door locks, etc can all be controlled remotely and by voice. It’s a large house and I was trying to add battery powered LED lights on the interior doors. But I can’t seem to find a way to efficiently control a battery powered device with Zwave/Zigbee. I would like to be able to ultimately control the lights with SmartThings so I can have precise control and set scenes. For example, motion sensor detects tenant walking down hall, triggering a scene that sequentially lights each door light down the long hallway. Are there any relays or other devices to control to provide zwave/zigbee control of a battery device? Any ideas?

There’s a FAQ for that…:wink: (This is a clickable link)