Zwave Unlock via Code

Does anyone know of a driver/DTH for Zwave Code locks that allows a different automation trigger for unlocking via key and unlocking via code? Since different people have their own unlock codes, it would be great to identify the arrival of that person and automate accordingly. For example, differentiating between kids and adults, or guests vs residents.

You may want to check out @RBoy apps.


Here are the two most popular apps you can check out

If you’re only looking for creating actions without programming you can see this app:

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I attempted to use “Smart Lock Guest Access” in the “Life” tab of ST. The apps works well despite not allowing triggers based on unlock code / user. One other thing that was odd was that it requested permission to all locations and devices. As a ST included app, I would have expected it to have proper access to the locks already. The requesting party was just a UUID that I blocked out of the screenshot. What entity is requesting access? Why do they need control over “All Devices” and not just the locks?