zWave plus SmartThings Kettle? Does it exist?

None that are zwave. :disappointed_relieved:

There are multiple ways to integrate a smart device, however, although some of them are pretty hacky. :sunglasses:

1. Simple and Easy: choose a kettle that already has an IFTTT channel/service

There are a couple of WiFi kettles that have IFTTT channels, so can be integrated that way. Appkettle is a new one, but I don’t know anymore about it than that it was on a list of new IFTTT partners.

Smarter’s iKettle has been around a lot longer. Their IFTTT channel is under “smarter” and works with version 3.0 and up.

2. Android-only: use Tasker and SharpTools

If a kettle has an android app, you may be able to integrate it through Tasker and SharpTools.

3. Use a robot finger to push the buttons on the kettle (really)

There is also a tiny robot finger which works well as a button pusher (I use these in my own home) and quite a few people will use those on very fancy coffeemakers, I’m just concerned that on a kettle they might get too hot.

This method has the advantage that the kettle itself doesn’t have to have any smarts at all. But each button would need a separate device and they can get expensive. So this is more for those cases where you already have the £400 fancy brewer that you are in love with but it doesn’t communicate with anything else.


5. Rewiring

There are some community members who have opened up the kettle controls and rewired everything to add some kind of integration, but that voids the warranty on the kettle and introduces some safety issues. So personally, I prefer the “noninvasive” methods in the first four categories, but you will find some discussion of rewiring alternatives.

There are a few project reports on various kettle and coffeemaker integrations. Check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project report section, and look on the “small appliances” list:

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