Zwave extender for setup on ADT hub v3?

Hey ST community
I’m setting up some zooz zen22 dimmers at an outdoor cabana. I can’t get them to recognize and they don’t have a manual add feature.

With the ADT hub does anyone know if I can use a repeater (another device halfway in-between) for set up?
Is the ADT hub equivalent to a version 3 hub besides the baked in ADT Ware and screen)?
No way to set up a zwave device over the wifi network right?

I’m standing right next to the switch and Wi-Fi is totally fine but it is too far for the Z wave I guess. I’m not sure if you can set up new devices over the mesh network or if the hub has to be moved like in version 2. The reason I don’t want to move the hub is because it is hard screwed into some trim molding that has low-voltage power and about an inch of cabling available. It was a bear to put in place so I really don’t want to move it.

Sometimes you have to exclude zwave devices before you can include them. The switches you bought are already repeaters so the better question is how far are they from the hub. Ive never had to move my v2 hub to get a device to pair, but. Have a very solid zwave and zigbee mesh.

Excerpt from Zooz manual:

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