Zooz zse40 Light % is always 98%

My zse40 is working fine. But it reports light at 98 % no matter what the lighting situation is. How often is it supposed to update? I tried with both the old and new ST app

Temperature, Light, and Humidity are polled every 3 minutes and if any of them exceed the specified thresholds all 3 values are reported.

Are you using the custom device handler?

Yes I am. And I think it’s working. But the numbers for % light are weird and don’t change quickly enough. But still eexperimenting!

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As Kevin mentioned above, the sensor can update as often as every 3 minutes but only if the threshold is met for a given measurement (you can adjust that in the advanced settings if using the Classic App, just click on the gear icon in the top right corner). The light sensor gives data about natural light changes and it’s supposed to really just tell the difference between enough and not enough light for light automation so it will not be as accurate as some other lux sensors out there since it’s a secondary feature for this device. That’s why if you’re trying to test it by turning the lights on and off in a dark room, it will not update instantly like you would expect it to. If you run into any issues using the sensor, feel free to get in touch with our support (we’re the brand owner of Zooz): https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us


Try to press the button at the bottom with a pin, otherwise try resetting the device.

I was doing all that - using a paperclip in the little hole. Clicking twice, or 7 times or 10 times. The missing detail was that I had to click more firmly, push more than just to feel the clicking sound. THat did the trick for me. Kind of weird.