Zooz 800 Series Speed

Is it just me, or are these switches almost instant? GE and Jacos seem to be a tiny bit delayed, the older ones almost a second. These are close to instant.

Transmission speed is actually identical to the older generation.

There are two ways you might see a quicker speed.

Series 800 has double the CPU for processing, so maybe you would pick up a little something there. But probably not anything noticeable to human.

Where you might see a real difference is if the longer range meant it didn’t have to go through a repeater. But if both devices were connected directly to the hub, probably wouldn’t make much difference.

Still, I’m glad it’s going well for you. :sunglasses:


I think it’s just the CPU, even just hitting the physical switch on 800’s is almost instant. Matter devices seem to be much slower, makes me sad.

After moving to an 800LR antenna, I’m betting on fewer hops to get back to the hub. I am also seeing faster responses without have to route through a bunch of zwave outlets to get back to the hub.

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