Question about zwave switches

(Joe) #1

Ive recently installed 3 Jasco zwave wall switches and found that when I turn the light on and off via the switch there is a delay for the switch to actually activate/deactivate the light. Are all zwave switches this way?

I am use to a light instantly turning on by the switch.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Nope, they are instant, at least for the switches I have (two GE and 20 some odd Aeon)
What type of bulbs are connected?

(Joe) #3

Standard br30 floods. They’re fine on a standard switch. Maybe it’s the Jasco switch.

To be clear it’s only a fraction of a second. I hit the button and then I hear the relay click a fraction of a second later. With our normal switches it’s instant.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Ah, thought we were talking thousands of milliseconds here…

(Joe) #5

Ah, thought we were talking thousands of milliseconds here…

So this is normal?

(Mike Maxwell) #6

I don’t really know what normal is. I’ve not timed these things, however with the switches I use from physical activation to relay noise/light on, it’s way less than 200ms, probably more like 50 to 100ms. This is just a wag on my part based on my personal latency annoyance threshold, which for me is about 200ms. Anything above 200 seems laggy/slow to me, under 200 pretty much goes unnoticed. The GE’s/Jascos do seem a tad slower than the Aeons though, but not annoying to me.

(Joe) #7

Yeah. I’m not annoyed by it, I’m just waiting for my wife to complain about it.


My Linear switches have a slight delay. Its a fraction of second as it activates a relay to connect the load. Less instant then a tradition switch where you are activating the load directly. My GF has never complained, and while I think the typical user might notice, it’s not a nuisance, so I’d be surprised if it created a complaint… its more the type of thing people notice when they are building a system and being sensitive to the behavior of the system.