Zigbee - zone status 0x0130 -- extended status 0x00


In the process of looking into Develco Smoke Alarm - SMSZB-120

This alarm is using IAS Zone - Cluster id 0x0500 and reports as it should on a regular basis and I can follow the alarm, battery etc. using, zigbee.parseZoneStatus for zone status 0x0030

If I press the Alarm button for a while to trigger the test message that it should send over the zigbee network, nothing happens.

But as soon as I release it I receive a zone status message:

zone status 0x0130 – extended status 0x00

I am not able to parse, or read this message other than the string.
Are there other ways to to parse or get into the depth off these messages?

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Did you ever figure out something more regarding the Develco Smoke Alarm ( SMSZB-120)?

test and real alarm was not treated the same way, so had it up and running for a few month in a lab. However I left the prodct as smoke detector did not fire of each other wiithout me handling the Siren triggering from the hub with another app. For my install I need all detectors in the zone to fire the siren if one detects something. Battery, and for temperature is however nice so might consider something later.

Did you write a DTH you could share? The stock DTH (Zigbee Smoke Detector) does report a 0 for the battery (as well as no temp (if that is a capability))?

I am not using the detectors anymore. As mention earlier they are not serial connected.
Below was just for testing, and absolutly not finsihed… I don’t think you will get any alarm triggers, but you can might get temperature and battery from it. So at your own risk …

Thanks a lot!