ZigBee wall outlet receptacle

I’m looking for a ZigBee wall outlet receptacle. Something similar to the GE 12721 Z-Wave outlet, but ZigBee instead obviously.

I really just need a ZigBee device to act as a repeater in order to use the ST Presence sensor (all my other devices are Z-Wave). I don’t want something that looks out of place or obvious so don’t want a plug in style unit.
Right now the ST Presence sensor only registers as present once it’s inside the house for a bit. Kinda defeats the purpose of using a presence sensor to disarm the SHM Security alarm, if you have to be inside for it to work. :wink:

Any option to use a Hue build directly connected to ST to solve the issue. That will repeat and could be an option.

15 $ or £ depending on where you are?

Can you expand on what you mean?

Edit: Actually I’m not sure that would work as I would still be using a normal light switch to control the light, so the bulbs would only have power when light switch is on. Therefore no ZigBee repeating functionality unless light switch is on?

I’m not sure sure if you have or use Hue. If you do it’s kind of irrelevant.

If you buy (or have) a basic White Hue bulb and then connect it directly to ST as a thing (not via the Hue hub) it will form part of the Zigbee mesh for ST. It will also act as a repeater.

Have a read of this:

Unfortunately Smart bulbs, regardless of brand, have provably (verified by ST engineering) turned out to be unreliable zigbee repeaters. :disappointed_relieved:

So that’s turned out to be not a good option for many people.

Typically a pocket socket is the least expensive zigbee repeater since the bulbs are out.

Assuming you’re in the US, there are a few options. Make sure you look for ZHA certified devices, not just zigbee.


edited to update I had originally mentioned that Quirky has a $40 one that some people are using with smartThings. But Ray reported below that it has not been a reliable repeater and that smartthings support confirmed that. :disappointed_relieved:

At this point, it may be safest to just stick with one of the plug-in ones that is a confirmed zigbee repeater. The Lowe’s iris smart plug is probably the least expensive of these but there are several options.


A wealth of knowledge as usual @JDRoberts.

And it took you away from the popcorn thread for a few minutes as well :laughing:


Sooo say you put a repeater in place to help your presence FOB’s. Then rebuild the mesh network.

Do the FOB’s need to be where you hope to have them pickup when you rebuild the mesh network or does that not matter for them?

In this case, people are usually just trying to expand the network out further beyond the house boundaries so they stick a repeater in the garage or upstairs near a window on the front side of the house.

Zigbee works differently than Z wave in this setup, and it will usually find the strongest signal.

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Okay, so say you drive past the side of your house as you come home. The FOB is picked up by the Zigbee network. Then as the FOB moves away from the network and away from the house or into external garage. The FOB will reconnect or discover the newer stronger signal and connect to that?

Sorry I know probably redundant question. Just trying to wrap my head around it after reading the other forums about the mesh network and how the repeaters work ect…

I am actually very disappointed with this wall socket. I have 25 them. Yes 25! I think around 5 of them still with ST. The rest are just lost connection to the hub and been like this forever. I thought I was building a good zigbee mesh that time since not much was available in the market. They are worst than GE link bulbs. The custom device handler does report energy and it’s a neat device when it’s working. As long as you have a load on it. It will tend to work for a while but not long enough. I went silly with Lowes iris plugs not to long ago and it’s also a zigbee/zwave repeater.

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Disappointing, but I appreciate the report. I thought @mattjfrank was still using his, I wonder if he’s had a similar experience.

Regarding the iris smart plugs, lots of good reports about them as zigbee repeaters in the forums, but also many people saying the Z wave repeater function just isn’t reliable. Not sure what’s going on there.

If you’re looking for a repeater, the Lowe’s Iris Smart Plug 3210-L will work as a Zigbee repeater (and Z-wave since it has both radios).

Scroll to the bottom on this page for more info:


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I am not sure about the iris zwave either. The z-wave part is not as important to me since I have 100+ zwave repeaters already but it would be nice to have more.
Forgot to mention 2 important things about the quirky.

  1. I don’t think they are repeater with ST. On my deck. I have 2 of the quirky still working and one ST plug. I was beginning to ST about zigbee smart bulbs and sensors dropping off and the only repeater is ST plug and nothing about the quirky. I will confirm with them again and report back.
  2. When no connection with the hub. The internal LED blinks and it’s super bright. No, you can’t cover it with sticker or tape :disappointed:
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Afraid it’s true. Here’s what support said about the quirky outline socket.

" Hey Ray,
Thanks for reaching out to us. It’s my pleasure to help, but I am sadly the bearer of bad news.
I am unable to find evidence anywhere that the quirky outlink outlet is a zigbee repeater. Most constantly powered devices serve as repeaters, but as we have zero evidence of that, and no insight into the development, it very well might not be the case with this outlet. "

@tpmanley @vlad has anybody mapped a zigbee network with the quirky outlink to verify that it is not a repeater? That just seems very odd.

Apparently it’s been officially discontinued and sales are limited to stock on hand, so there’s no longer a data statement on the official zigbee alliance website.

Just narrowing down the earlier reply regarding zigbee certified products. If you are Looking for a 240v option how about the recently released ubisys zigbee 3.0 certified products that can be connected behind your existing wall dimmer and power sockets.
A bit expensive, but hopefully future proof!

Sorry, I don’t/wouldn’t know if anyone has checked if that outlet is a repeater… Can ask a couple of people tomorrow though.


Are there any ZigBee light switches that are not a paddle style?