Zigbee repeater question for ST Things?

Please accept my apologies for asking a repetitive question. i have done a search, opened many threads and read them but still unable to get a definite answer.
Is there a confirmed to be working ZigBee repeater i can purchase to expand my ST ZigBee range? i have some “Things” that are constantly getting out of sync and therefore fail, motion sensors getting stuck on “no motion”, Multi Purpose sensors getting stuck on “Closed” and it seems like it is due to range. does anyone knows of a confirmed ZigBee repeater i can use to make this issue go away? thank you.

I use the Lowes iris smart outlet. Got it for a decent price (think on sale for $20). It basically the same as the ST one, but also includes a zwave repeater.

Also double check if insecure rejoined is enabled. I notice that when it is disabled I have more items that drop out.

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thank you for your response, If you got a link to the item that will be awesome, and what is the insecure rejoin? i dont see an option for a checkmark in ST for that… Also, from my understanding all the “Things” are ZigBee and not Z Wave, is the Lowes outlet is ZigBee as well?

Its inside the IDE.

Can’t find the Iris smart outlet at the lowes site. You have to get gen2. Here is an amazon link:

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Thank you so much Sir.

Found the link at Lowes, don’t know what my malfunction was earlier.


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Thank you again my friend. Quick question, do I need go re register my out of range devices to this outlet or as soon as I add the outlet to my hub it automatically becomes a repeater?

As soon as you add the outlet it will become a repeater. It will take a few minutes for the zigbee network mesh to rebuild, but I would recommend triggering your zigbee devices (open/close/motion etc).

Whenever I added one of the Lowes Iris plugs, I just added it to ST and just waited. Eventually everything settled down and just worked. In a couple rare cases I needed to reinclude the device.

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fantastic !!! thank you so much !

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There’s a thread for the Iris Smart Plug that has a lot of good information. The Zigbee repeater seems to be active when you add the plug to the ST Hub. The Z-wave repeater needs to be added seperately.

I’m a big fan of using light switches as repeaters, but a big part of that is due to the types of lights I have at my place.

Hard to beat a $20 price point though.

Of course I’m gonna link to our shop, but I’m sure you can get them cheaper if you look hard enough.

i think another great option is make a light switch wired to be always on and replce the bulb with a cree. $15. i use in my closet, laundry room. yes i had to buy a motion sensor too, $25 ecolink pir motion, but the conveinance factor was awesome and built my zigbee network more. another great idea is Spruce irrigation. it also acts as a repeater.