Zigbee range via mesh - Axis Gear to Hue to ST

Hi all,

A quick question. I am considering adding some Axis Gear devices to my SH setup. These would go in my new garden office. This garden office is out of range of my ST V2 hub but is within range of my Hue hub view the zigbee mesh network provided by the hue bulbs (inside and out).

My question is, as the Axis Gear is running zigbee will the Mesh network provided by the hue bulbs provide a mechanism for the Axis devices to get a signal to the ST hub? Not too up on Zigbee to know. I suppose there could be difference frequencies, etc. which might rule this out but not sure.

Also, is anyone using the Axis Gear devices? I was looking at Soma but am leaning towards Axis because they have greater flexibility over the type of blinds they can control - and the ST integration :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately, It’s unlikely that that setup will work reliably.

  1. if the Hue bulbs are connected via a Hue Bridge (the only officially recommended method), then they form their own mini network and are not visible to your other zigbee devices
  1. if the Hue bulbs are connected without a Hue bridge, they are unreliable repeaters.

BTW, there’s a how to article in the community-created wiki on how to automate an outbuilding that might be of interest: