ZigBee HA End Device frequently joining & dropping from the coordinator


We have a 3-Series Door Sensor (https://www.centralite.com/products/door-sensor) which supports ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 and we want to get notified (ZigBee attribute reporting) when the sensors on/off status has changed.

We are using Digi XBee Pro S2C module as a ZigBee coordinator, we have configured it according to the Digi’s knowledge base. We successfully communicate a ZigBee HA 1.2 siren from another vendor with the coordinator.

We are responding to the 0x0013 message from the sensor with a 0x0005 (Active EndPoint Req.) message the sensor replies with Active EndPoint Response. However, every 12 seconds; the sensor leaves the network and rejoins with another 0x0013 message. This goes on and on until the sensor goes back to the sleep.

Is there a special message for the device that makes it stay joined?

What device handler are you using? I’m assuming you’re joining this to a SmartThings hub.

This would be incompatible with the SmartThings hub acting as the coordinator (there can be only one coordinator on a ZigBee network), so I’m a bit confused by the question. Generally, there is nothing special required to keep a device joined if it has completed the join process.

@posborne and @johnconstantelo thank you for your answers. Actually I’m not using samsung smarthub, I’m using a XBee Pro S2C module and python-xbee library to communicate with a ZigBee HA 1.2 door sensor.