ZIGBEE for Smartthings (CC2530)


I am interested in programming a ZigBee module to integrate with the smartthings hub. The ZigBee module that I have though isn’t one that works with smartthings and is bought from another country. I wanted to know what kind of software to use to program the ZigBee module. I found this website from TI: http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/wireless_connectivity/zigbee/tools_software.page#software. The link contains information about the software to program the ZigBee device, but I don’t know which one to use and how to use it to type code. I’d really appreciate any help from the community. Thanks.

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SmartThings uses the Zigbee Home Automation profile, (ZHA 1.2) , so the easiest way is if you can load that profile onto your module. Then it should be able to communicate.

You can get some communication with a zigbee pro profile also but it may not stay connected.

What is the exact device that you have?

@johnr could probably add more.

Well you have a lot of options available to you. Depends on what programming language you want to use and your project. SiLabs, NXP, and Digi all have ZigBee radios that can be configured to work with the home automation profile. Maybe if you give me a little more detail on what your wanting to do I can point you in one direction or another.

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Ok, so I’ve been looking around at the CC2530 Development kit from TEXIS INSTRUMENTS and have already installed the software required which are the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE and the TI Smart RF Studio 7 as well as the Z-Stack Home (includes home automation samples). So I am wondering how I would be able to plug a relay into the control board of the kit and how I would be able to program it. Since I am a beginner, I began opening the examples. I found an example in the Z-Stack Home examples of the SampleSwitch workspace which communicates to a switch which is basically a relay. Below is a picture of what I’ve got setup and I would like to know FIRST about which folder I should look deeper into about how the CC2530 control board turns on and off a relay or at least simply accessing it. Thank you very much and I’d really appreciate a response.

P.S. The coding language used in this ide is C and possibly some C++

http://www.ti.com/tool/cc2530dk#this - CC2530 dev kit and references
http://www.ti.com.cn/cn/lit/ug/swru208b/swru208b.pdf - User guide
http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/swru214a/swru214a.pdf - Home automation setup for examples

Setup and open SampleLight demo

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On my GitHub I have a couple projects using CC2530 and SmartThings.


I tried testing the ZigBee_WDHA-12 program from GitHub, but when I pressed the download and debug button, I got this error a lot: Fatal Error[Pe1696]: cannot open source file “hal_types.h”. I placed the Homelink folder into C:\Texas Instruments\Z-Stack Home 1.2.2a.44539\Projects\zstack\HomeAutomation as described in the README documentation. I totaled to 60 errors in the end.

Ummm… This stuff is really hard. It took me a few weeks to be able to compile and connect to SmartThings.

Not kidding.

Very satisfying when it finally works though.

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What did you do to make the CC2530 work with Smartthings?

I start building my wall switch with cc2530. Can you share something?

The biggest challenge was that the Development libraries (for ZigBee HA, not for BLE mode) were exclusive to the IAR IDE which costs $ thousands; hopefully someone has ported the library to a more open format. I searched dozens upon dozens of forum posts, and nobody had ported it in 2016.

Order a development kit (Google for options… there are probably a few breakout boards available), and pray that there are cheap libraries available for developers now.

Now i try Z-stack HA with trial IAR IDE. Now IAR support eclipse so you can use it free:
https://mcuoneclipse.com/2013/11/03/tutorial-replacing-iar-ew-with-eclipse-ide/ I will try eclipse soon.

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@tgauchat I try to compile https://github.com/presslab-us/ZigBee_WDHA-12 but it not work as expected. Can you share somethings?

It has been over 2 years.

I can’t spin up without a consulting fee.

It is OK. Because i use difference module, so i will try myself.

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Finally i was able to pair CC2530 to openHAB and AlexaSmarthome with the sample light link application. I used the version 1.0.2 of Z-Stack Lighting. The hardware used was a cheap ZB502 developer kit from waveshare. The sample lighting app compiled using evaluation version of IAR and then flashed to CC250 with ZB502 board using CC Debugger. Then i was able to pair it with openHAB and Alexa Hub.