Casual observation of zigbee network topology for single device

I would like to check on how a particular lightbulb (Sengled E11-N1EA) is connected to my SmartThings Zigbee mesh network. I have the v2 hub.

Although it is possible to map out the entire network with Digi FAQ: Mapping your ZigBee network with Digi's XCTU , I just want to observe this particular device’s connection casually. I am quite sure that it is communicating through a repeater, since it does not connect at all without a SmartThings Outlet in between it and the hub. Is there a way to determine this information just from SmartThings?

I looked at the graph / dev website where I saw a number of events with the value ‘lqitable’, such as “XYZ Light is a child of Trådfri Repeater”. I suppose that I can infer that the device is going through that particular repeater. However, neither the light in question nor any of the repeating devices have ‘lqitable’ events that would indicate the connectivity of this particular device, even though I have cut the power and tried to force re-establishment.

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Thanks for the ping @JDRoberts :smiley:

@SeanTek, Those LQITable messages you are seeing show up in graph/IDE were not intended to be customer facing. They were a side effect of some work I had done and on their own they are not going to provide enough information to see how devices are routing (These messages are in the process of being removed). So to answer your original question, there is not currently a way for customers to view their Zigbee or Z-Wave mesh topology. As the leaked LQI messages may hint to though, this is something we are actively looking into exposing to the user in the not-too-distant future.

With that said, go ahead and shoot me a PM with the email address associated with your account and I may be able to help you out in seeing how this bulb is routing!


Interestingly, asking support for routing information leads to a “sorry we can’t help” type of response. Being able to see this in the IDE somehow would be so useful when troubleshooting misbehaving routers.


Thanks! Will PM.

Just so it is clear, support does not have the ability to access or provide routing information as this is not something the hub officially can provide as of today :slight_smile:

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