Zigbee bulb not turning off when it's suppostah

Any idea why this particular bulb has trouble following the rules? It keeps receiving an off command, but doesn’t turn off. I have multiple rules designating when to turn off - sometimes they work, often they don’t.

Garages are often tricky to get signal into, and there’s also the issue of a change in signal penetration if there is sometimes a car parked in the garage and sometimes not.

Do you have any other zigbee devices in the garage and if so, do they work OK?

Also, what’s the brand and model of the bulb and is it paired directly to the SmartThings hub or to a hue bridge?


Thanks JDRoberts. It’s an Osram Lightify tunable white bulb. It turns on with two door sensors, and/or a garage motion sensor, and off when mode changes to away. There’s another Osram BR30 bulb (Zigbee) over the driveway that turns on faithfully at sunset each night. That one is farther from the hub than the garage bulb. Then in the basement I have two more of the same Zigbee bulbs that always turn on in response to door sensors. So I doubt it’s a mesh or range issue. Do you think it could be “bad” in some way?

Oh, and paired directly to st hub (the only hub I have)

It could be, it happens. :disappointed_relieved: The easiest way to test would be to swap the garage bulb for one of the ones in the basement. After you have done the swap, unplug the hub (including removing batteries if it has any) and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes. Then when you put it back on power all of your zigbee devices Will rebuild their neighbor tables and you will get the most efficient message delivery. You may not see the results of that until the next day, though.

I wasn’t Quite clear from your description, though, whether there was actually another zigbee device inside the garage where the problematic bulb is. Message delivery is about more than just distance. Garages typically have a lot of cement, a lot of metal, Sometimes water pipes, and often exterior insulation in the walls closest to the house, any of which can interfere with signal. So it actually isn’t that uncommon for a bulb on the outside of the house, which is bouncing signal in through a glass window, to be easier to reach than a bulb inside the garage, even though the garage is several meters closer to the hub. But again the bulb swap would help identify whether the problem is the location or the device.

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Ah, well there aren’t any other zig devices in the garage, so that may be it. I’ll swap those bulbs and report back.

I think my house is smarter than I am.

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Well, I switched the bulbs 3 days ago, immediately followed by a 15-min reset on the hub, and haven’t had any problems since. I don’t know if it was the zigbee neighbor rebuild, or if the radio in one of the bulbs is weaker than the other, or if it just needed some time-out to think. But it seems solid now.

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@JDRoberts - Looks like my garage is a prison of concrete and metal. The bulb is getting missed signals.

My temporary solution is:. “Follow up with piston Garage after 10 minutes.” This should re evaluate the state of the piston every 10 minutes, in case it left the light on. Have you heard of any other solutions?

This is a common problem with outbuildings, you might try reading the article in the community – created wiki on those and see if it gives you any ideas:


One easy thing you can try is if there is an outlet on the wall shared with the interior of the house. Put a zigbee pocket socket in that. Then take the hub off power for 15 minutes while all the other zigbee devices are still on power. Put the hub back on power and then check the next day to see if The situation has improved any. It’s sometimes easier to get signal through a wall right at the point where there is an outlet as there may be some air gaps. :sunglasses: