Zigbee 3.0 Green Power Support?

Is there a timeline for Zigbee 3.0 support? I’m interested in using Illumra Zigbee wireless batteryless self-powered (energy-harvesting) Decora rocker switches (http://illumra.com/products/wireless-light-switches/zigbee-switch/), but they require Zigbee Green Power compatibility.

@tpmanley , since the zigbee green power profile is included in zigbee 3.0 , Will these switches (several now being released under the “friends of Hue” program) work with the smartthings hub models that support zigbee 3.0?

And does the V3 hub support Zigbee 3.0 now? Or is that coming in the future?

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@JDRoberts, the Hub v3 launched with Zigbee 3 support. In order to get Zigbee 3 certified we had to support the Green Power Proxy feature. However that alone does not let the hub communicate with a Green Power devices. In order to do that we need to be a Green Power sink or combo device and unfortunately the Zigbee stack we’re currently using doesn’t support that. My hope is to update the stack down the road to a newer version that has more Green Power support and then we should be able to support these Green Power devices.


@tpmanley has there been any movement on supporting Zigbee Green Power energy harvesting devices on teh V3 hub at all?

To go back to the first post in this thread, we should note that the new Friends of Hue switches are certified zigbee 3.0 even though they are battery free, and some community members have reported being able to get them to work directly with a V3 SmartThings hub. The manufacturer of the Illumra switches says it will depend on what zigbee channel The ST hub is on as they only work on a limited set of channels and you have to manually set the switch to the one you want.

ZigBee 3.0 support is available, the Click for Hue can be configured to transmit on 1 of 4 ZigBee channels by holding one of the buttons for >10 seconds. Button to channel mapping is:
Button 1 : lower left (BO) - ZigBee Channel 11
Button 2: lower right (AO) - ZigBee Channel 15
Button 3: upper right (AI) - ZigBee Channel 20
Button 4: upper left (BI) - ZigBee Channel 25

There’s an unboxing report (with pictures!) In the following thread,

They're here! : new Green Energy Battery-free Wall switches for Hue Bridge (Illumra, Busch-Jaeger, etc)

Hi @JDRoberts I’ve been through these threads top to bottom, and although lots of talking about using them, nobody has actually said that they’ve got it to work. (Unless I’ve missed something)

My own experiments with several zigbee GP switches (including friends of hue switches) would support that. Upwards of 50 attempts resulting in no successful pairings.

@tpmanley stated in his post that the ZigBee 3.0 stack ST uses doesn’t support the full Green Power protocol, so the question was more along the lines of when we can expect the full GP support.




@AndyPrice-Aurora we’re still on the same Zigbee stack so we are still subject to the same limitations. I’ll send you a PM to learn more about your specific use cases.

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@tpmanley I’m still interested in the time-frame for updating the Zigbee 3.0 stack to support Green Power since I’d like to be able to move off of battery-powered Lutron Caseta switches (and the separate Lutron bridge) and use Illumra switches directly with SmartThings.

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7 month bump, any news on the new stack? (or planned releases?)

Asking due to having just bought a Zigbee Green Power switch.

I have no idea how average home users are meant to do this stuff, I’m quite technical and am running into loads of problems getting is setup (an observation, not a rant)

Anyone have an idea when the green switches will be supported - hopefully soon

@AndySh Based on the radio-silence from @tpmanley I’d guess that SmartThings still does not support the Green Power profile. (I’d like to get some energy-harvesting switches working too.)

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@AndySh, @denz1968, @eisenman

I apologize for not responding sooner. We haven’t added any additional support for Green Power beyond support for Green Power Proxy as required by Zigbee 3. I still personally think it’s interesting but we haven’t seen a lot of demand to support this type of integration or devices that use it so unfortunately it’s pretty low on our priority backlog.


That should work with the Illumra “friends of hue” switches, though, right? As long as they are on the right Zigbee channel. They are Zigbee 3.0 devices.

The manufacturer says they will work if the hub is on channel 11 or 15, but I don’t know of anyone who’s actually done that yet.

Unfortunately no, I don’t think that will work. Those devices support Zigbee Green Power but they require a Green Power Sink device on the Zigbee network in order to decode the Green Power messages. The SmartThings hub is a Green Power Proxy which means it can receive the Green Power messages from the device and can forward them to a Green Power Sink but it can not act on them on its own (meaning it doesn’t know what button was pressed) because it doesn’t have the Green Power Sink functionality. The Hue bridge has that functionality which is how it can support those devices.