Z-wave Thermostat control with Alexa?


I am looking for some thermostat options to integrate with my ST hub for controlling my heater.
I found CT100 and GoControl as Z-wave thermostats.

I see that CT100 is widely used and known by the community. There is also a custom app for that one.

However, I also want to control the thermostat from Amazon’s Alexa.

I see that Alexa - Smartthings integration does only support switches and routines.
There is no direct control of thermostats. (Am I wrong ?)

So, only way of controlling the z-wave thermostat through Alexa is setting up a voice controlled routine.
But there are phrases like :

“Alexa, raise kitchen thermostat by 10 degrees.”
“Alexa, lower kitchen thermostat by 10 degrees.”
“Alexa, set kitchen thermostat to 70 degrees.”

How do these work ?
is there a direct Alexa - thermostat integration ?
is there a way to set routines with variables ? (I couldn’t find that , if there is)

Here , it says that this type of interaction is possible:


here also:

here is the Alexa-Smartthings FAQ,:


But it does not show any z-wave controlled thermostat as supported device. It just lists “Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat” which is WiFi controlled and rather expensive.

I have another thread about this but on a specific device (GoControl) here:

This device is advertised as “Works with Alexa” but I didn’t understand how.

If anyone who knows how to raise thermostat temperature by 10 degrees through Alexa, please share…


Yes. :sunglasses:

SmartThings does support Alexa control of thermostats.

If your devices are not on this list, don’t worry! Many of your other SmartThings compatible switches, dimmers, bulbs, and thermostats will work with Amazon Alexa. We are also working toward expanding this list in the future!


“Certified” in this context means that the Amazon approved testing lab has tested the specific device. And they take a lot longer to test Z wave devices then they do to test Wi-Fi devices.

But many community members are using zwave thermostats with SmartThings and Alexa, it works fine. :sunglasses:

Here’s the command format:

Alexa, raise the “thermostat name” by 4 degrees.
Alexa, make my “thermostat name” warmer by 4 degrees.
Alexa, increase the “thermostat name” temperature by 4 degrees.

This should work with any device which is listed as a “thermostat” in the Alexa app.

If you don’t specify a number, I believe it goes up or down by 2° as a default.

Thanks @JDRoberts
However, I could not find any way to add thermostat to the Alexa 's Smartthings home skill.
When I open the Smart Home settings on Alexa app, I only see the switches and routines.

How can I add the thermostat to Alexa ?

ps. I added a fake CT100 Thermostat to my ST Hub to just test.

Did you individually authorize that device to Alexa? See step 10 in the following:

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I figured out that there is an additional “add thermostat” area in Alexa app.
With that it can be added.

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Did you certify the CT-100 was working with Echo. I just got a Echo dot yesterday and can’t figure out how to check the status or set the temp of my 2 CT-100’s