Z-Wave Switches, whats the best implementation of them?

I use smart bulbs and smart remotes, some of which can be wallmounted.

A smart remote can be a tablet control center or something that looks like a regular switch. Or the Amazon Echo for voice control. The remote doesn’t control the current to the light, instead it wirelessly tells the SmartThings hub or Philips Hue Bridge to wirelessly tell the light to turn itself on. We leave the dumb switches in place as a backup.

This works very well for us, although some households might need to add switch locks on the existing dumb switches to keep people from turning power off to the smart bulbs.

But it depends on your own aesthetic sense. My house is mid century modern so gadgets fit right in and I care way more about function than form.

Here’s my own favorite wall mount remote. It happens to be zigbee, not zwave, but with ST that doesn’t matter, you can mix and match. (This reminds me: dimming is limited to presets like 75% for one button and 50% for another if you’re trying to control a smart bulb from a smart switch. If you want full dim control, see the tablet or voice options at the end of this post.)

And here are some wall mount tablet ideas. These work great with smart bulbs. Again you leave the dumb switches in place, with switch locks if necessary.

But at our house, our main lights control is now the Amazon Echo. Works great with any bulb that can be controlled through a Hue bridge. Everybody likes it. :sunglasses: :bulb: