Z-wave switch not checked to load... what would happen?

Okay, I’ve got a dummy switch in my hallway right next to my side door. It was wired weird to a light fixture in the basement that’s a long way from the stairs and I just ended up wiring past the switch in the hallway and then putting in a new switch in the basement. When I get around to replacing the other switching in this wall plate I’m considering swapping out this dummy switch as well. Here’s what I would like to do:

Put a new light on the outside of my garage that is rigged to a zwave switch of some sort. Inside the house I would put in a zwave switch that has the hot line going into it and the neutral connected, but no line feeding to a load. This switch wouldn’t turn on anything. Would the switch itself still go “on”? I think as long as the neutral is there to run the zwave part it would still work.

Software-wise then I’d have this a simple program that says: When this switch it turned on, turn on the one in the garage. When it’s turn off, turn off the one in the garage. And of course the garage switch would do the same to this switch. This would essentially be a wireless three-way.

I did something like this. See this thread

  • jason

So a switch does work even if not connected to any load?