Z-wave switch and LED bulbs not as bright?

I installed a GE (my second) z-wave switch, it’s working BUT the LEDs in the fixture that it’s turning on are now MUCH dimmer than they are supposed to be. And it’s not a dimmer switch. Any idea why?

That’s not common. What’s the model number of the switch? (It’s stamped on the front part of the device.)

Model is 1951B.

And do you think this would happen is the black and grey wires were reversed?

1951B is what’s stamped in the metal? That doesn’t sounds like a GE zwave model number. They start with ZW.

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The model number will be cut into the metal and starts with a Z. There may be other stickon labels are used for inventory control and S2, but those are not the model number.

My bad… it’s ZW4008

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Also, this is on a “duel throw” switch. Is that a problem that needs either a different switch or something done on the other switch?

dual throw as in there are two wall switches for the same circuit?

Correct. Top of stairs and bottom.

In the US, that set up is referred to as a “three-way.“ (A dual throw switch is something else. Your original dumb master switch may have been a dual throw switch, but your Z wave model is not.)

And for the GE model that you were using, you can’t use the original dumb auxiliary switch: you have to replace both the master and the auxiliary switch. See the following threads:

(The topic title is a clickable link)


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Thanks is a million for this! The wiring looks straight forward.

One last question to be clear, I can accomplish this simply with one more of the same switch I already have correct?

Assuming you want white, you would get this add-on switch:

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