Z-Wave Smart Fan Control Custom Device Type

2.1.0 version on Android and I’m still seeing it in the bottom left corner of the main tile.

That’s odd because the multiAttributeTile key for SECONDARY_CONTROL is used to show the %, and that’s what broke. On your device, is the % indented in just a little, or is it justified to the left all the way like the image in the first post of this thread?

Pretty much like the first post.

That’s interesting. I took one of my own device handlers and modified it to just display 1 character, and the size was about like yours, but as soon as it got several characters long, the text became microscopic.

I have no other explanation to offer other than it’s just another odd function of ST’s app. I know that’s not what @Roadrider wants to hear though.

Mine looks just like this as well…

It happened after the recent App Update. They apparently either changed how the design is handled or they broke the tile display.

I haven’t looked at it yet to see if there is a work around, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Personally think they broke the design, meaning it’s a bug of the App. If any one else happens to find how to display it now or workaround, let me know. :slight_smile:

I have a question. I am new to this so How do I use your code? I tried to create and App in the ST IDE but it gives me a bunch of errors and I don’t want to take your code but just use your app if possible. So what is the best way to do this.

Start by reading this. It will give you an overview of the process which should help clear up a lot of the confusion. :sunglasses:

Thanks JD I was able to figure it out. I thought I needed to install an IED but Then I just created an handle on the ST site and was able to go from there.

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Just installed this and it works great, thanks for this good work!

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@ChadC, You are a Wife Saver! I installed the GE Smart Dimmer and the GE Fan control yesterday in our master bedroom and awoke to find my wife had covered the blue LED indicators. She hates any kid of lights in the room at night, and has been very tolerant of my home automation projects. I remembered seeing “Indicator Light” in the device settings from the handler you created and used it to turn off the LED indicator. So I just wanted to say “Thanks You”, your custom device type works great and kept me out of the dog house.

Thanks for doing this, @ChadCK! Love the device type!

Any chance you could update the code extension to .src? I think that’s what’s causing me to not be able to sync via github.


I used this to modify and build to my needs as well as a new dimmer switch device type that I recently released. Great work on this, I did find a bug though. You give the ability to change the icon but after you change it, doesn’t save it.

That’s not a DH issue, but an issue with the mobile app itself. Sometimes you have to do it 2 or three times for it to save your new icon.

Thanks for this custom device handler - just incorporated with 3 fans and they work perfectly! Now to work out some routines to adjust these as temperatures change and we come and go. I love the fact that it changes to show “adjusting” as the fan speeds up or slows down - very clever. Would be great if SmartThings could incorporate this into the standard device handlers and then it could be run locally. How do we get these to be reviewed and incorporated by SmartThings?

I have so far managed to get the fan turning on and off with Alexa/Echo, as well as adjust speed by saying “turn on fan x%”. Am trying to work out how to say set “High, Medium or Low” - anyone have any thoughts on how to do this with Alexa/Echo?

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I’ve done this exact thing by creating a virtual momentary button tile called “Den Fan Low” then created a rule using Rule Machine that triggers based on this momentary button tile.


Select Trigger Events:
Den Fan Low On

Select Conditions:
Dimmer level of Den Fan != 32
Den Fan off

Define Rule:
Dimmer level of Den Fan != 32
Den Fan off

Select Actions for True:
Capture: Den Fan
Dim: Den Fan: 32

Select Action for False:
Restore: Den Fan

The with Alexa all I have to say is “Alexa, turn on Den Fan Low”.

Works great but does require 3 virtual momentary button tiles and Rule Machine rules for each fan. In my house that is 5 fans, so I would love to hear if anyone has a better solution.


Exactly what @ryan.ray did with virtual devices tied to the physical device. It will require a SmartApp, and what he did with Rule Machine is perfectly fine.

Thank you. I’ll play around and see if I can get this working.

Thanks for a great Device Handler!!! Hard to believe this wasn’t part of the “built-in” device handlers as ceiling fans are SO common.

Here is a smartapp designed to do this exactly.

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