Z-Wave RF associations

Smartthings doesn’t provide an official feature to set up zwave direct associations. However, there is a community created device type handler which will allow you to do this.

You aren’t going to change anything about the 9601, it’s fine the way it is.

The 9617 is the “trigger“ for the association and the 9601 is the “target.“ So you need to tell the 9617 that it has permission to communicate directly to the 9601 without going through the hub first. (that’s what “direct association“ means.)

In order to do this, you were going to temporarily assign the 9617 to a different device type handler, one called “the Z wave tweaker.“ This DTH will allow you to set up the association. For your device, you will need to do this association in group 2. (I got that information from the user manual)

Once you have set up the association, the information about which switch it is allowed to communicate to will be stored in the firmware of the 9617 itself. Once that is done, you will reassign the 9617 to its original DTH for every day use.

I am tired tonight, and I can’t really work very well with code anyway (I am quadriparetic and depend on text to speech software). But you will be able to find the instructions and the code for the tweak or itself in the following thread. Just ask there if you have any questions. The only extra information that you need is that you are going to be using association group 2. :sunglasses: Oh, and you are going to need the device IDs of the two switches, the people in the other thread can tell you how to find those. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Good luck, let us know how it goes. Eaton devices are usually very well engineered.