Z-Wave out of range?

My smartthings hub is located in the main house, with two z-wave tempsensors, a lot of Philips Hue, a IDLock 150 doorlock (z-Wave) etc.
I also have a garage, located 20-30 meters from the hub. Here I have Philips hue and 1 temperature sensor (z-Wave).
I also have Philips Hue lights in the area between the main house and the garage.

It seems like the temperature sensor in the garage has lost its connectivity. It was present, but now its “disconnected”.

How can I extend the z-wave network, and is this the issue? I can reach all the Philips Hue items in the garage…


Those won’t help your zwave devices/mesh.

Depending upon the country you are in, add a mains/AC powered zwave device, like a repeater, plug, switch, or outlet.

I live in Norway. I will certainly try something that is AC powered then (z-wave)


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You bet! Check out Aeotec’s devices. They have a dedicated repeater that should be available in Norway:

I’m not sure if ST will recognize it without some effort, but it may help. You have many options with them, plus other companies in the EU region.

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