Z-Wave locks, events, etc

I am a bit frustrated after a few weeks of trying to get simple things working with a lack of documentation.

The net is this. I want to lock/unlock codes for a z-wave device. I want to lucent to events. Trying to find good doc or examples is getting to be too hard. Can someone please tell me what I need to look for/look at to do a few simple things. Like

  1. Listen for what happens when I try to set a code? Right now I am trying

     subscribe(lock, "lock.codeReport", codeReportEvent);


def codeReportEvent(evt){
log.debug( “codeReportEvent; settings: ${settings}”);
log.debug( “codeReportEvent; state: ${state}”);
log.debug( “codeReportEvent; state: ${evt}”);

But codeReportEvent never gets called. I call setCode. Nothing. However, I do notice that after the app is done it quits out and no app is immediately set. It shows no app. I close smart things and reopen, and it shows up.

So, not sure if I am doing a bunch wrong, or a little. But I have it stripped down to just a simple event now and nothing works.

What lock are you trying this with?

Schlage Nexia Z-wave

Custom keycodes is not supported yet for Schlage z-wave locks.
Check out Works with SmartThings and find your lock then hover over the “I” next to it.

@waltercr, I’d suggest taking a look at the following thread (and play with his code) to understand things:

[quote=“ericcirone, post:4, topic:9427”]
Custom keycodes is not supported yet for Schlage z-wave locks.
[/quote]It might not be supported, but it’s still do-able. I use something similar to @RBoy’s code to add/set/delete codes. My lock is a Schlage touchscreen deadbolt…