Z wave Light switches keep getting grouped together with Goggle Home

Hi! So I have 2 Google Home devices and the SmartThings Hub to control my connected things. I have three light switches that are near each other that keep getting grouped when I give a voice command. In the Smarthings app the devices are all separated but when I tell Google to turn on say the kitchen lights She then turns on three lights including one in my bedroom which is on the floor above.

Has anyone dealt with this before?

To try and fix this I have change out the switches, reset both my google home and the smartthings hub to factory, and tried adding the switches in different ways. I have gotten it to work but only momentarily before they all of the sudden get lumped together as if I have set up a room to then turn on these three light switches.

What’s funny is that sometimes I can get one switch to turn off via google home but never when I am trying to turn on the lights with my voice.

I should note that the lights function properly when using my phone to turn off and on in the Smarthings app.

Thanks for reading!

This most likely has to do with the names that you have. Google tries to guess what groups to put things in based on their names and it will, indeed, group things from different rooms together which you may not want grouped together. About all you can do is re-name some of the devices so Google no longer groups them. Or use a nickname which can be distinctive for the exact devices that you want.

See the following thread: