Z-Wave Issues with Firmware Update 30.3

Reporting problem solved here as well.

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Z-Wave Issues and Resolutions

Over the past two weeks we have experienced some issues with multi-channel Z-Wave devices that surfaced after making upgrades to the hub firmware. These issues were the result of working towards full compliance with the most current Z-Wave Alliance specification. Here is a brief summary and timeline of events.

0.30.3 Release

We released an update to comply with the current Z-Wave specification. The SmartThings hub is a single channel device. To comply, the hub must only process messages from devices that are sent to Destinatination Endpoint 0.

In accordance with the specification, after this firmware release the hub started ignoring all incoming messages from devices addressed to a non-zero destination endpoint.

0.30.4 Release

After the release, we identified a large group of multi-channel devices (e.g., Fibaro Dimmer 2) that lost compatibility as a result of 0.30.3 These devices were sending messages to Destination Endpoint 1.

To accommodate these devices, we made a change to also allow incoming messages to Destination Endpoint of 1. During the beta of 0.30.4, some devices sending messages with a Destination Endpoint of 1 were able to be patched by modifications to the DTHs and have their functionality restored.

0.30.5 Release

We learned that additional, popular Z-Wave Alliance Certified devices were not complying the latest Z-Wave specifications. The previous solution of using DTH modification would not work for these devices because they were sending messages to a Destination Endpoint that was neither 0 or 1.

Therefore, we decided to revert this change and allow all endpoints as a destination.

Looking Ahead

We have engaged with the Z-Wave Alliance and other industry stakeholders regarding this complication. We will provide updates as these discussions continue.

In the meantime, if your DTH is breaking with the specification, we urge you to change your implementation so that the device only sends updates to Destination Endpoint 0. We know many of our customers have legacy products that are not currently compatible; this is something we’re actively working to solve with industry stakeholders in order to ensure a smoother transition in the future.


Just asking out of curiosity… Were there any other low level Z-wave changes besides the multi-channel destination stuff made for this certification compliance?

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We are running the newest z-wave stack with S2 support now.


@jody.albritton or @Kianoosh_Karami is S2 pairing now enabled for all V2/V3 hub users using the new app?

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Should we expect a period of instability in the ZW mesh because of this? I’m having HUGE problems with random (line powered) things dropping off and needing to be re-added and/or running Repairs to get things back online… I mean if it’s just temporary instability because of something rebuilding due to the new stack, I’ll power through - but if it’s unexpected, I’ll open tickets.

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I haven’t seen anything that would make me think there “should” be instability after the update. I have a mostly z-wave household and through all the versions I never had any major instability. So yes, if you are seeing major instability, open tickets.

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Just ran another repair - and got my bathroom light back. If it keeps recurring, will do.

Since firmware 3.03 i have been getting these issues. Even after the 3.05 update.

So this a video of what is happening to my smartthings setup with my fibaro single switch 2 devices

@Andremain this looks like an issue with your DTH. Which DTH are you using for this? And the 3.03 firmware is the firmware of the device itself.

@jody.albritton. yes i know. Although according to fibaro that should have been 3.3 as there is not 3.03 firmware for that device. The handler i am using the the official handler provided jnside the new Smartthings app. It is not a custom dht. I have no idea why this is happening as my other 2 single switch 2 devives work find with the same handler!

@Andremain, can you try this handler temporarily?

Update: I have posted a DH for the dimmer, what I have patched a few months ago for a user who had similar issues. I’ve just updated the Single Switch 2 DH with the same solution, allowing sourceEndpoint == 1 in the multi channel encapsulation.

So here is the updated DH for the Single Switch 2.


@jody.albritton, the issue with some Dimmer 2 and Single Switch 2, that they report from sourceEndpoint 1 in a multiChannel encapsulation, but the DH handles only sourceEndpoint 0 in the multiChannel encapsulation part of the code. The fix is just a small addition to the code, as

if (cmd.sourceEndPoint as Integer == 0)

Change to this in line 317

if (cmd.sourceEndPoint as Integer == 0 || cmd.sourceEndPoint as Integer == 1)

@steven.green added the MultiChannel encapsulation part a few months back, as these devices tend to randomly encapsulate messages, but it handles by default only sourceEndpoint 0. He might have better idea what is going on with these devices, but the short fix should work.


YES! The fixed handler works like a charm!!! Thank you so much!!!

Please add this fix to the official handler inside the new app.

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Happy to help! Great that it has worked for you.

You are the best man!

I used your device handler before on my fibaro dimmer 2 when I was having this problem and it worked great the odd thing is recently I’ve been able to go back to using the official device handler :thinking:

There is something weird with those devices. I have no idea why are they reporting from sourceEndpoint 1 with multi channel encapsulation. Generally they shouldn’t as that was the way before, but they do for some unknown reason. Someone from ST might have a better idea.

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Anybody out there able to take a look at the DTH for the Aeotec HEM v5 power monitor by ClassicGOD? Trying to edit this to respond on a different endpoint is far beyond what I’m capable of. :slight_smile: