Z wave devices?

Hi, I’m still trying to understand the capabilities of ST. am I right in thinking that I can connect any z wave compatible device to ST and be able to use the the app to control it (not just things in the compatible products page) such as a thermostat, the choice on the UK page is terrible.

I’m not going to say any Zwave device… But, the device must be on the same frequency as your hub.
If you get that far, there is a pretty good chance it will connect. But then you have to find, or compose yourself, a device handler.

It sounds like a lot and when I first started with ST I fully intended to learn the software language. I still intend to, but haven’t had a chance. But my point is this, this community is incredible and has a multitude of incredible talented developers that spend a huge amount of their time creating and giving to us less talented.

There are a lot of links in here somewhere, but I suck at that part.

But I will tag the local resident of knowledge, @JDRoberts.

So ask your questions and there will be answers…

But first, tell us this…

Where are you? UK? US?

Welcome aboard and enjoy…

P.S., try to look past the hiccups, the devastated expectations, and the random insanity… ST is a great platform, but being here you’re in the right place.

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The community-created wiki has an article on the protocols supported by SmartThings that should be of help:


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