Z-wave dead spot?


I have a lowes sensor in a window in a far off room in my house. In the same room I have two monoprice dimmers


I believe they are wave repeaters yet the window sensor is just not registering open close status.

The sensor is hidden but the one repeater is 4 ft below it.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated. Thanks.


One more thing. I also used a smart sense sensor in the same spot with same results- it didn’t notify any one/close movements.


The Monoprice pocket sockets are Zwave. They are repeaters. The Lowe’s branded sensors are Zigbee, though. (The GoControl ones are Zwave)

Z wave repeats only for Z wave and Zigbee repeats only for Zigbee, so the first question is do you have Zwave sensors or Zigbee sensors. (The smart things branded ones are Zigbee)

What’s the exact make and model of the sensor?

The next question is, assuming the sensors are Z wave, when is the last time you did a Z wave repair utility? Each device keeps its own neighbor table showing the devices closest to it which can act as a repeater for it.

It’s fine if you pair devices very close to the hub, we call that “bench Pairing.” But then when you then move the device to its final location, you have to do a Zwave repair in order to get it to update its neighbor table to show its true neighbors. Otherwise it may be trying to route its messages through neighbors which are actually out of range.

We should note, however, that the platform has been very flaky this week and a lot of messages are getting lost. So there’s probably no point in doing a repair right now until the platform stabilizes.