Z-Wave Configuration help for Philio PST02-B (Vera Multi-sensor) motion sensor

Hi all,
I am trying to write a device handler for the Philio PST02-B/PHL-MLT-PSP01-US/Vera Multi-Sensor. I am pretty sure I figured out why it doesn’t weem to play well with Smartthings… by default it sends motion as Notification V4 which SmartThings doesn’t support. So, I need to configure the sensor to send motion in sensor binary command class. I got the z-wave configuration file from Phillio. The PDF is here .

I have tried my best to hobble something together, but I have totally failed. From what little I can find, it looks like I want to do something like this in def configure():
zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 7, size: 1, configurationValue: [18]).format(),

the 18 being the decimal equivalent of “00010010”

Problem is, this doesn’t seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong? Any input you folks have would be great, as the tutorials are very vague about configuration.

Hi @Activematrix,

Have you done a search in the Community on that device?


I don’t have one, but I made an attempt at a DH, as have a few others. Specifically:

That post may help you out.

I searxhed and searched and found nothing, but I searched using the model of my sensor, which is PHL-MLT-PSP01-US. Found nothing. Didn’t think to do a search for the newer model number! Oops. Thanks for the info, I’ll try it tonight.

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