Keep Me Cozy II without parameters

So basically, I’m trying to re-write Keep Me Cozy II. I have a variety of temperature sensors that all read a little off due to where they are positioned. So I want to average the temperatures and set the thermostat off the average.

The drawback that I see to this is that I have to input the target temperature in the app setup. Doing this removes the ability to change the setpoint on demand or to have it change based on the mode (without adding the app multiple times). So instead, I’d like to have a device where these can be set.

My best idea so far is to just add a faked thermostat to my system in addition to the real one. But before I did this, I figured I’d check and see if anyone else has any better idea.

I am making exactly this, from Keep Me Cozy II now. it has offsets for 4 temperature sensors. Right now it has some hard coded modes which you can modify to suite your needs and I don’t think the offsets are working. The averaging works, you can play with it now. Let me know what you find?

Looking at your code and that idea might work for now. My real aim is to connect my system to my smartwatch thought Tasker and Autovoice so I can say something like “Make it warmer in here” and have the heat go up by two degrees. But for now, using specific setpoints per mode would probably work.

What are you trying to accomplish with the offsets? Right now, it look like if you have a positive and negative offset, only the negative will actually be respected. Depending on the aim, I would think you’d want to look at the negative when cooling and the positive when heating.

I don’t have any of my code posted yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

My goal was to offset each temperature sensor individually, since I used an industrial register and found my Aeon Multisensor to be consistently -6 DegF I want to be able to account for that.

I don’t have any experience with Tasker or Android Wear other than wishing I could use it from time to time. (Stuck with iOS for various reasons.)

(Update 3) The offsets do work as long as you don’t use the simulator’s sensors which are set to NULL when the app starts up and the you get the error null+null error.