YRD446 Assure Lock with Bluetooth & Z-Wave

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Does the ST, @RBoy, @ethayer, or@garyd9 device handler or Smart Apps support the Yale deadbolt lock YRD446 Assure Lock with Bluetooth and the Z-Wave module? I'm hoping the z-wave module from Yale is compatible with their previous z-wave products, but wanted to know before ordering it.

I really like the fact that this has both blue-tooth (shorter geo-fencing) and z-wave (integration with ST).



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This should work fine.

(Mark) #3

Are you sure this lock has both Bluetooth and Z-Wave?

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The product itself is advertised as Bluetooth, so that's a sure thing. When you order, there's an option to add a "Radio Module" and the only option (other than none) is a Z-Wave Network Module. Other material talks about a Zigbee module, but I don't see that available.

Sounds like the best of both worlds, to me :slight_smile:


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Thanks, RBoy! Glad to hear.


The lock does have the option to have both if you order the Z wave module for it.

@rboy are you saying that you can process the Bluetooth functions of the lock as well? It would make sense to me if you were handling the Z wave, since I believe that's just the same Z wave module that they use in other locks. But will your app know if it was unlocked by Bluetooth?

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Depends on the lock hardware implementation. The docs sound like it will report Bluetooth activity via zwave. A lot of locks do that, Yale and IDLock for e.g. RFID via zwave etc. so while you cant control the Bluetooth part via ST if it's reporting it via zwave it'll work

(Mark) #8

Order from where?

(Alan) #9

The Yale website: https://www.yale2you.com/Products/Keyless/US3AssureLockwithBluetooth.aspx


Any feedback on real-life experience using ST with the YRD446 Assure lock?

I ordered four YRD446's with Z-Wave and an ST (I'm new to the community) — should be able to experiment with them on Friday.

(Alan) #11


Sorry for the delay in responding. Busy holidays... I'll give you two scenarios:

  1. If you want to use their method of opening the door (in addition to being able to use the keypad), then you must do three things - press the bottom left corner of the keypad, "twist" your phone, and place the phone next to the keypad. For me, I had to almost have it touch the door. Frankly, it's easier/quicker to just use the keypad :frowning: , so not the best experience. Basically, you have to put the lock in communication mode and the phone in communication mode, then have them close enough to communicate. With the short distances needed communicate, there's no need for the twist action "safety". I really wish they could turn that off.

  2. However, I do love the lock anyway thanks to SmartThings & a few apps.

    1. Method one is to use IFTTT to create a Google Assistance voice prompt ("Unlock the back door" to unlock the door. This works really well on my Google Home. :smile:

    2. Method two is to use Trigger to read from a NFC tag which triggers a Tasker task which uses the SharpTools plug-in to unlock the back door. The process only takes 3-4 seconds from start start to finish. Just note that your phone needs to be unlocked for NFC to work. I put one tag by the detached garage door and the door is unlocked by the time we get there. My son who parks in the drive way puts a tag in his truck which he activates before going inside. Both work flawlessly and easily! :grinning: If the SmartThings hub is offline for some reason, the backup plan is to use the keypad. Note that you must install & setup SharpTools first, then install & create the Tasker task second, then install and set up the NFC trigger - there's an Android bug the prevents it from working otherwise.

Good luck!


Thank you, @TexasFlyer! I just finished installing these units all of the entry doors into my condo and linked them with SmartThings, IFTTT and Amazon Echo.

For unlocking the door using their method, do you have to launch the app and click "Activate Keys" in addition to the other steps you mentioned? Mine doesn't seem to work without doing that.

On the integrations: I've set up your method #1 with Alexa instead of Google home, but very similar (cool) result. The lag is unfortunate, though :-/ For method #2, is there any reason you don't use the SmartThings app to unlock the door when you arrive? Seems like that might be the fastest solution, right?

(Alan) #13

I don’t need to use Activate Keys. Frankly, I never figured out what that did and I don’t want to have to open the app. I had issues getting it to work and this is what the support guy told me. First, touch the check box on the keypad (ie, bottom left corner), put phone right next to the lock (almost touching), then twist the phone while keeping it close to the lock. I found that I could change the order, but thought I’d pass on to you exactly what he told me. They key for me was getting I super close to the lock. And the lock must “circle” in a timeout-like mode while you twist.

I don’t want to have to unlock my phone, launch the app, wait, ensure I’m on the right tab, find the lock, etc. I simply put my finger on the fingerprint reader (which unlocks my phone) while touching the NFC tag and the door unlocks. Super simple and super quick.

Hope this helps.


So, get this—I just tested the instructions you received from the support guy, and they don't work for me for some unknown reason. But this is where it gets interesting: When I tap the checkmark on the lock and launch my Yale Assure app and click "Activate Keys", the door immediately unlocks without any rotation or twisting—none whatsoever. Better yet, I tested it from 3-5 feet away, and it works just fine—no need to get close to the lock at all. But much to your point below, I don't want to have to launch an app either.

This makes sense, thanks for the explanation. I live in a four-story condo building on the fourth floor, so I'd have to find a sneaky place to hide the NFC tag on the ground floor.

I also wonder if there's another good way to solve this—i.e. SmartThings detects that my phone is within proximity and launches a routine that includes unlocking the door.

(Alan) #15

As for an NFC tag location, you could place it on your backpack, laptop bag, inside your belt, wallet (no metal around it, though), etc.

I would prefer a proximity, too. Maybe there's a plug-in for Tasker where you can detect Bluetooth or WiFi strength. I wouldn't want it to be full strength or the door would open when in my yard, neighbor's house, etc. I think SmartThings also sells a proximity device, so maybe there's a routine or code for that. Just found it - only $30 now. https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/212417083 and https://shop.smartthings.com/products/samsung-smartthings-arrival-sensor Would be interesting if it has strength settings.


This is probably going to make me sound totally ridiculous, but one of the primary reasons I chose to get a smart lock was to carry less stuff in my pockets. I'm hoping to ditch my keychain entirely... so an arrival sensor would unfortunately work against that goal :-/

I'm not sure how to solve the mailbox problem (couldn't find a USPS keyless mailbox), but one step at a time... I suppose.