Your routine was not activated because it contains locking or security devices unsupported by alexa

I got this message this morning and I’m not sure where to go with it. I have a routine at night that locks all my doors, turns on the outside lights and turns off other lights around the house that generated this message.

I assume this is from an update to the hub, but I have no idea why it would ever generate a message like this.

  1. If Alexa does not support a device then let it fail to run the command when I ask it to, not when I schedule a routine (through the hub).
  2. The command was to LOCK the device, which is actually fully supported by Alexa.
  3. I did not pair this device with Alexa. I understand the routine (if Alexa supports them now) is paired, but that’s a developer issue not an end-user issue. You should be able to see what devices are paired, what ones are not, and when a routine is executed, skip the unpaired device actions.

I understand this change is supposed to be for my protection, but it was poorly implemented.

How do I roll back my hub to fix this issue because it was working just fine before.

This sounds like a issue with The alexa service not SmartThings.
Is it only happening when you’re asking alexa to run the routine?
If you go into your SmartThings app and run the routine through there does it still run or do you get the error?

Hi, I received the error on my phone as a notification from SmartThings that the routine did not run. I have not asked Alexa to do anything. Sorry, that wasn’t clear in the first message now that I re-read it. :slight_smile:

Oh right that’s strange try deleting the device and re add it.
Look on your IDE log also to see what that says about the error