Yi Home Camera Integration?

I have a bunch of Yi Home Cameras that I’ve bought between $25-$30 and would like to have them integrated within ST. I would only need On/off ability.

There was a previous thread about integration but it didn’t really go anywhere. However, Yi just added Alexa integration to allow voice commands to turn it on/off so I thought it might be a good idea to revisit these cameras as they are so cheap and work pretty well.

I currently have these cameras on smart plugs to turn on when the bedtime or goodbye routine is activated and off when morning or Im back routines are activated. The issue with this is that it takes a bit long for it to boot up vs using the built in on/off function. This would probably open up the ability to quickly activate it when theres motion detected.

I would look into using Blue Iris as the easiest way to get them integrated into ST. It would solve all the issues plus give you more capabilities (a better recording medium, motion events and capture, etc).

You’ll have to pay $59 for the software, but (and I say this as an avid user) it’s worth every penny.

Unfortunately, the more recent Yi Cameras are not hackable (yet) to re-enable the RSTP feed (which Blue Iris and other apps require). Additionally, I really don’t like that if you use the hack, the RSTP feed is not secured by any password. So as of now, most have to use the Yi Home app, which actually isnt that bad - motion events are recorded and notified quickly and correctly.

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If they do enable the RSTP feed (or others, Blue Iris uses others as well), you can put all the cameras and BI on a secure network in your home, and have Blue Iris host the feeds for secure access anywhere, via SSL webhosting or through a VPN (or both). All IP cameras have serious security issues, the key being to isolate them from anything else and only access them via secure means.

Any updates on this? I bought a few of these cameras and they are really good on their own app, but ST integration would be great.

unfortuantely not. I just bought smart plugs for them to utilize with Smartthings so they turn on when no one is home or when we do night mode and off when we’re up or home

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That’s not a bad idea but still painful. Also you still have to use the Yi app and its not integrated into ST, which drives me nuts… dang.

I did find this, but didn’t try it yet: Original Xiaomi 1080p wi-fi smart camera ST integration

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Guys! Just plug in your cameras through a smart socket (cheap tp-link or something similar). I know it is not the best option but at least you can use your cameras for security or other things.

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