Yale YRL226 - ZWave Module Setup?

I have a Yale YRL226 lock. It was working great with the standard white module that came with it.

I wanted to set it up with SmartThings, so I bought the ZWave module for it.

I installed it, but can’t seem to have SmartThings find it…

Any advise?

Perform a General Device Exclusion and then attempt to add it

GDE? What do you mean? Sorry…

which app are you using… SmartThings or SmartThings Classic?

SmartThings. I found it in the Hub section.
It’s running now. It says “Exclusion Mode Active” - it has a circling icon.

Am I supposed to do something while this is running?

quick question, when you were trying to add the lock earlier, did you go to the lock and put it into inclusion mode?

It was working with the white module that plugs into it.
I then turned off the lock (removed batteries), plugged in the green z-wave network module and powered it back on.

there is a way to put your lock into inclusion mode so you can add it to the hub. There should be instructions that came with the z-wave module for how to add it to hubs. I don’t know on that particular lock so I will have to let someone else chime in to assist you. :slight_smile:

I paired the module with the unit:
Enter code
Gear Icon
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If anyone has successfully completed this process please let me know.

It does not appear to be working!

I think I got this sorted out.

If you replace the white August module with the green Yale module, you cannot continue to use the August app to control the lock and/or get status of the door state (open/closed).

I left the batteries in the lock and swapped the white module for the green one. I did not reboot it.
In the SmartThings Classic app, I was able to add the lock.

I can control the lock in the classic and new apps.

You won’t be able to use the door sensor (open/closed) that came with it, unless there is additional device handler I’m unaware of.

Just thought I’d share that.

So you didn’t have to restart or even enter that code above?
I’ll be doing the same thing you did very soon.

Good it hear you got it figured out. It’s frustrating when things don’t work as expected. If you have a built in sensor and your module supports reporting the door state (some Yale modules have that option) you can check out this custom DTH which enables that feature and reports it to ST.