Smartthings can't find: Yale

I am new to the smartthings. I had z-wave with Honeywell controller for last few years. Now I want to switch to Smartthings.
With some help from the forum, I reprogrammed all of my GE light switches inside.
However, I can’t programYale dead bolt lock on front door.
I was able to exclude the Yale lock, however, when I try to add it, following these steps from the smartthings support:
While the Hub is searching, bring the lock within 10 feet of the Hub, then:
Enter the 4-to-8-digit Master PIN code
Press the # key
Press 7
Press the # key
Press 1
Press the # key

After pressing 7 and #, the only option I see on my Yale is 3 #, the 1 is not lit up.
Why could that be?


Has this device been used on a previous system? If so you may need to exclude it first. You may also want to try to factory reset the lock. Next some locks need to be very close to the hub when pairing.

The lock has not performed a successful exclusion. Place the v2 controller in exclusion mode and enter master code on lock then 7#3##

Thank you guys.

Somehow I got it working now :smile:

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Lock has been added. However, after I lock it with Smartthings, it goes into "unknown " mode. If I press the button, it just tries to lock it again.
One thing to note though, whenever I used z-wave hub or smartthing, it would never completely turn the lock all the way. Lock ends up at “2” oclock instead of full “3”. Could that be the cause, and if so, how to adjust lock?

Yep, looks like it’s because of lock not locking all the way. My Honeywell z-wave hub didn’t have any issues with it. Why does Smartthings have a problem?

I get the unknown state with Schlage when missus doesn’t shut the door properly and tries to lock it (nothing to do with ST). She does it manually. The logs shows it as “jammed” and App shows it as “unknown” state. Once the door is properly closed and locked, it clears and shows the right state.

But I did not have this issue with the Z-Wave hub. Looks like Yale just does not have enough power to fully lock it up. I have done some re-alignment of the lock, but it still does not have the juice to push the lock all the way to that last “click” in position. The lock knob stops at 2:30 o’clock now still not reaching all the way to 3 o’clock position.
If I adjust lock any farther, it will be too flimsy and the door will have small gap between weather proof seals.
So it seems with Smartthings, I will never be able to use lock properly?

It’s unlikely that your problem is at all related to SmartThings. SmartThings send a command to your lock to lock, that’s it. Not how far to turn the lock etc.

With my kwikset locks there is a procedure to calibrate the lock. Have you tried new batteries?

My point is if I gave ST command to lock the door, then lock it and if I told ST to unlock it, unlock it. Instead I am getting the “unknown” status and lock that’s not responsive to unlock command. With the Zwave hub it was doing just that- locking and unlocking. The lock never turned the knob all the way, and o was never getting “unknown” status.