Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt with ZigBee

Anyone know why it is so hard to find these?

My own guess (just a guess) is that these just aren’t as popular because zigbee can get drowned out by really strong Wi-Fi, while Z wave does not.

You can work around that for something like a sensor where you can just move it 6 inches to the left or put it on a different wall.

But when you have a fixed location device, like a door lock, there’s only one place it can be. And with people boosting Wi-Fi right around the entry in order to connect security cameras these days, my guess is just that zwave locks are just a whole lot easier for a DIY customer to use.

But you can find them if you look around, including at Amazon.

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You can buy like new from Amazon Warehouse for only $110 going through the link above. Usually those items just have damaged boxes. I have a Yale ZigBee lock and think it works great but I have a very strong ZigBee mesh.

If you want to program lock codes or remotely use other advanced features, I’d recommend my DTH below.

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