Xiaomi vibration sensor

I have been trying to integrate the Xiaomi DJT11LM vibration sensor with little success. I have paired one device a couple of times but get no response from any movement or vibration. I have had no luck at all pairing a second device.

I am using the device driver from:

which should be for my same model.

  • Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor
  • Model DJT11LM
  • Version 0.91b

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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What ST hub are you using?

Do you have other Zigbee devices?

I am using Smartthings V2 hub.
I have several Zigbee devices, all of which are working well, including Xiaomi motion detectors, temp/humidity and door contacts.

Of all the Xiaomi/Aqara devices I have, that’s the one I struggled with the most to get paired. Twice it acted like it was paired, but the logs showed zero communication after pairing. Third time it paired properly, and has been working fine ever since. My suggestion is to delete the device from IDE and keep trying.

I’l assume that you’re using the “classic” SmartThings mobile app and not the new one, so I would second @MinerJason’s suggestion of removing the paired vibration sensor and try pairing again.

Also, since I personally have spent a lot of time working with the Aqara Vibration Sensors and was the one who put together the device handler you’re using, I’d like to invite you to continue this discussion over at the Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc) thread.

If re-pairing the sensor still doesn’t work, it would help a lot to see what information is listed on the device details page for it, which can be found here: SmartThings Groovy IDE → Device List page → click the name of your Vibration Sensor in the Display Name column, and the scrolling down to Data / Raw Description, which should look like this:

Yes, I am using the classic app…
For sure I will move to the referenced thread as I am very involved in these devices and certainly enjoy working these things out. It will be a few days since I am currently out of town and away from the hub.
Thanks much for the reply.
Looking forward to a good resolution…

I’ve also paired it, and seen it working ok. As far as I remember it took ages to pair - the Aqara devices are not fun to pair, and this was the worst.

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Hello, I use this device on a door, I want to switch on the light if I move the door but on sensitiviti high I open and dosnt detect anything, I must open the door strongly!! :)…. this is so??


I wrote the DTH for the Aqara Vibration Sensor, and the Sensitivity Level Setting does not work yet. So your sensor might be set to “low” sensitivity.

But with detecting a door opening, I would recommend using a door / window contact sensor instead of the vibration sensor.

Example: Aqara Door / Window Contact Sensor, model MCCGQ11LM (9.10€ on Gearbest)


After a couple of "missed approaches " I was finally able to pair two of these to my Smartthings v2 hub. I have mounted one to the side of my mother’s mailbox so she will be notified of mail delivery. Works GREAT!
Thanks for a great contribution.

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Will it be possible to ever use the “high” sensitivity setting for these?

Yes. I figured out how to do it on the Hubitat Hub, though it’s not 100% reliable because of the strange way Aqara set it up in their hardware. I am working on porting that method to the SmartThings device handler (DTH).

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Man that would be great!

Any new developments on sensitivity for the vibration sensor?

Also, I can’t get push notifications to work and webcore doesn’t see this device for some reason even though I can select it under capability option

Mine connects fine with long list of attributes, just in case you were thinking it might be a general issue.

Thanks for confirming that yours is working fine. What DTH are you using for your aqara vibration sensor? Maybe I’m using the wrong DTH( Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor for Model DJT11LM Version 0.91b )


Yes, I am still using the ‘bspranger’ DTH for the Vibration Sensor, even if I can’t find a use for it. I just added it via the webCoRE SmartApp and it popped up in webCoRE straight away.

Ok, that’s the same DTH I’ve been using. Maybe my vibration sensor is bad. I’ll try to remove and repair to hub to see if that would produce better results.

The IDE tends to suggest it is communicating fine. It might be you just need to delete it from webCoRE and add it again.

I’m a bit vague because I thought for a tenner it was worth a look to see if I could find a use for it and I haven’t yet. I also don’t use the Classic app which makes it a bit more tedious to configure things like the open and closed positions.

Weird, it started to work after I pressed the reset button. I didn’t depress it long like when you perform an actual reset but a quick press to light up the blue light and now everything is working without any configuration changes. The Echo Speaks action to announce voice alert and push message that I had previously set are working well.

I still can’t see the vibration sensor listed under available physical device in webCORE smartapp but doesn’t matter now since Echo Speaks is handling that aspect for me.