Xiaomi Aqara Vibration - How to connecct

What is the right way to connect the sensor to the hub? I press for 5 seconds -> 3 flashes -> after a few seconds it will flash once.

Handler: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bspranger/Xiaomi/master/devicetypes/bspranger/xiaomi-aqara-vibration-sensor.src/xiaomi-aqara-vibration-sensor.groovy

I got it paired, but it doesn’t recognize the vibration. When I press the sensor in the application: A network or server error occurred. Try again later.

Which application? Samsung Connect or the SmartThings “Classic” mobile app?

Can you post screenshots of the error / app?

Samsung Connect + Hub 3gen.

It recognized the vibration when I created the automation in the new application. In Classis I was able to click on the sensor in the list, but it doesn’t work in the new application.

Currently, the new Samsung Connect mobile app does not officially support devices using custom device handler (DTH) code.

All Aqara and Xiaomi devices use custom DTH code, so they are not guaranteed to work with the new Samsung Connect mobile app.

If you want to use Aqara and Xiaomi devices, I recommend installing and using the SmartThings “classic” mobile app for now.

Hopefully, there will be support for DTH in the future - the Classic app is pretty ugly.

btw. What does “Set Open” and “Set Close” mean?

Yes, the classic app is ugly because development for the Android and iOS platforms aren’t matched in the presentation of the UI. The new app is ugly for other reasons… :joy:

The are used to set open / close positions to allow use of the sensor as a contact sensor. It is best used with doors / covers that swing open vertically (like mailboxes). The best explanation of all the features is in my release notes from a previous version, here:

Also - please note that the Sensitivity Level Change feature is currently not working

I appreciate the info and your contributions – any chance the sensitivity can be set soon? or perhaps changed manually?

… oh, I see a github thread … I’ll post there: https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi/issues/124