Xiaomi Universal IR remote controller

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Is anyone working on this?

Oh man, This would be sooooo freaking awesome if it worked with ST! Still have some IR stuff that I want to automate outside of my 3 Harmonys.

Bump! It really would be great if someone could work on this. I would happily buy one for someone if they think they could create a DH for this. It would be great to have a simple solution for IR control at a cheap price.

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I reached out to RBoy about whether or not he could work on a solution to this. His response was

So, for anyone else wanting to request integration of the Original Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller, you can email RBoy support at;

support @ rboyapps.com

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There’s new model from Xiaomi Universal IR Model: MJYKQ01CM
The possibilities is unbelievable
Hope someone will work on this integration!

I moved to Hubitat quite a while ago and the community has developed some great drivers for Xiaomi.

do you have the github links handy? I’d like to see if they can be ported over to ST.

Here is the link to the topic by Markus. The links to the individual drivers are in the first post.

Another dev had originally written drivers that helped many, but then he went dark. Markus has recently rewritten them from scratch and apparently there are improvements. I am a lay person, so just along for the ride. No technical knowledge/feedback, but I can say they have been reliable for the week or so since I changed to them.

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