Xiaomi Universal IR remote controller

( Cosmo) #1

Continuing the discussion from [RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta):

(Carlos Lebreiro) #2

Is anyone working on this?

(Ron Talley) #3

Oh man, This would be sooooo freaking awesome if it worked with ST! Still have some IR stuff that I want to automate outside of my 3 Harmonys.

(Saxnix) #4

Bump! It really would be great if someone could work on this. I would happily buy one for someone if they think they could create a DH for this. It would be great to have a simple solution for IR control at a cheap price.

(Saxnix) #5

I reached out to RBoy about whether or not he could work on a solution to this. His response was

So, for anyone else wanting to request integration of the Original Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller, you can email RBoy support at;

support @ rboyapps.com