Xiaomi Devices ( aqara zigbee switch ) with ST v3?

Anyone able to integrate the aqara switch with the ST v3 ? I recently purchased both of them and plan on installing them around the house.
If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great!

I also tried going through the bspringer github, but couldn’t find any post for the Zigbee Aqara Switch (2 button).

Thanks ST people !

Do you mean the 2-button Aqara Wireless Smart Wall Switch, model WXKG02LM, like this:


The Aqara Button DTH (Device Handler) from the Github/bspranger collection will actually work with that button.

In fact there’s a recent beta version update for the DTH that I released, as seen here:

However, I should warn you that because of the way SmartThings handles the Zigbee messages from this particular button model, it only acts as one button. That means if you press the left button, right button, or both buttons, the result is the same in SmartThings: button 1 pushed.

There is a technical explanation for the reason why this is true, if you are interested, which I recently explained here:

Also I should mention that some people have reported a lack of success with Xiaomi devices on v3 hubs, so please let us know in that other thread whether you are able to get your 2-button switches working or not.

Good luck!

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I’ve seen a couple people on the smartthings community before being able to use the switches perfectly ? Is this (one button) issue just prevalent with this model number ?

I own three of the model WXKG02LM 2-button Aqara Wireless Smart Wall switches, and I am confident there is currently no solution to open up full 2-button functionality. I am not aware of anyone with a WXKG02LM being able to make use of both buttons separately. That said, Xiaomi has recently released newer revisions of some buttons, and there could be a newer revision of WXKG02LM that allows for full functionality. If you can point me to any posts about this, I would be happy to investigate.

No. Owners of the “original” (round) Xiaomi button miss out on some of it’s functionality for the same reason (SmartThings not passing through ZigBee device messages from different endpoints of the same cluster.) There are other non-Xiaomi devices which lose some functionality on SmartThings because of this as well.

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I found out another post with the DTH, for the two buttons. Any thoughts on this ?

Two thoughts:

  1. That DTH is for the wired Aqara light switches that are installed into a wall, models QBKG04LM, QBKG03LM, QBKG11LM, and QBKG12LM, not the wireless model. The two-button models look like this:

  2. It also cannot process which button has been pressed, as the author explains:
    “The state of the buttons for the 2 gang switch will NEVER be able to be in sync. This is because smartthings masks the endpoint end when it returns the on/off status. Hence the DH will never know the on/off returned is for which button.”

However, I have recently learned that there are new revisions of both the one-button (WXKG03LM) and two button (WXKG02LM) Aqara Smart Wireless Switches. I know that the new one-button revision works differently in the ZigBee messages it sends to the hub, so perhaps the new two-button revision will send ZigBee messages that allows both buttons to be recognized independently.

So far, I have not seen anyone report that they have one of the new revision two-button WXKG02LM switches. Also, it will be almost impossible to know which one you are going to get if you try to buy one online.


I just realized my mistake, I was looking for help with the wired, switch. I must’ve not noticed you mentioning otherwise in your first post.

Ahhhhh, okay. Well that thread you linked to may have a DTH you can use, if you have the Aqara Wired Wall Switch with neutral wire required.

If you have the no neutral version, I saw some posts by people saying that DTH wasn’t working for them.

Personally I have no way to test any of the wired Aqara switches because they are not compatible with house main power in the U.S.

Good luck!

Haha, yet another pickle. So the switch I ordered was without neutral, and I also placed an order for an additional 12 switches :frowning:

Seems there’s a lot more to do. How would you say I should go about this ? I do have the 03LM models.

Honestly, I’m not sure.

If you have the two-button QBKG04LM wired Aqara Wall Switch (no Neutral), then I would start by trying the DTH from the thread you linked to anyhow. Maybe it will work for you?

As for the one-button WXKG03LM wireless Aqara Wall Switch that you say you have, there’s a working DTH in the GitHub/bspranger collection.

Hello, I got carried away with the xiaomi switches and bought two of the wireless double switches. I see these posts are from November and wondered if there had been an update to the DTH to allow for independent control of these buttons?

There have been updates to the various DTHs, but it depends on what you’re using exactly.

Which model?

WXKG02LM is the model i have…

Yes, I have released an updated DTH which provides full functionality of both buttons for model WXKG02LM.

Please see this post and scroll down to the [RELEASE] Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switch DTH section for more information and the link to the DTH.

Fantastic thank you! I’ll try it now.

It worked - thanks !!

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