How to set double/triple clicks on Aqara ZigBee Wireless switch?

So I just got these Aqara double zigbee wireless switch and paired them with ST. Apparently ST can only deduct only 1 button instead of 2. But apart from that I cant seem to find a way to set routines for double/triple clicks. Currently all i could do was just use them as toggle single click switch. Any tip how to achive this?

SmartThings doesn’t recognize the multiple click messages from the Xiaomi/Aqara devices. SmartThings also doesn’t recognize multiple end point devices correctly, so it can’t distinguish between clicks on the separate buttons. Some of the Xiaomi/Aqara DTH’s include a configurable emulated double click function, but it’s not super reliable since the delays from cloud processing can throw it off.

I am using this DTH and ST is correctly calling out single or double clicks. I just dont know how to assign functions to double clicks.,

Use any automation or smartapp that allows the use of a button controller. I don’t remember offhand, but I think for that DTH push is button 1, double tap is button 2, and hold is button 3. So if you want to create an automation with a double tap, the rule will be “if Aqara switch button #2 is pushed, then do this…”

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