Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version (Not Wired)

Peculiar. :wink:

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I was just searching for the term… lol! Thanks!

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As an engineering term, it means “doesn’t follow the standard exactly.“ Has its own way of doing things. :sunglasses:

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This thread speaks about it, ind i’m sure i have read it some where else too, with way more technical details - just can’t find the thread… Still searching… :slight_smile:

Because Aqara did it in a way, which I think is reasonable, by sending different key presses via differient endpoints. Basically smartthings backend decided to filter the endpoint information for on/off command in early years. Now that smartthings believe it would break a lot of outdated DTHs to include those information, which a lot of people believe there are plenty of ways to avoid that. In the meantime the dev team believe that is rather low priority to make this happen due to low demand from customers, which I highly doubt that. I don’t really think this will get supported in the very near future.


So basically, the safest bet as of February/March 2018 is to purchase/install the single button Aqara switches, both in the wired and wireless versions…?

“Blocked by SmartThings” means “Blocked by the lack of Zigbee endpoint support in SmartThings”.

If we got a way to get the unparsed message from the device, we would do it ourselves in the DH as a workaround, but the platform is converting the message from the devices and stripping the endpoint in the description sent to parse().

It could be solved by just adding a new signature for parse() that would accept the unparsed message in a second optional parameter. This would be enough, without breaking any backwards compatibility in the existing device handlers, while ST takes their time to find a better / permanent approach.

But this request has been silently ignored for months (I would now say years) from ST, which makes me think Zigbee support is not really in the strategic roadmap for ST. Otherwise, this basic functionality of Zigbee would have been supported somehow a while ago.

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I just thought of a possible workaround… Could we use Domoticz?

Zigbee is definitely part of our road map. We are working on number of things including reliability improvements and Zigbee 3.0 support. Providing the complete message isn’t trivial in all cases because the hub strips out that information at a low level. Some of this will be addressed in future hub updates while other parts will be addressed in our new API and capabilities model.


I created a github repo with the code from @enchoss with his permission… Please use it, update it, make it the best it can be… I’m no programmer… I’ll only be the guy who created the repository… lol!

(oh and if you can tell me why it’s NOT appearing in my github integration here… I’ll appreciate it…)


the naem of the file must be something like this:

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Damn… Took WAY longer than expected… but HEY! The switches arrived this morning (it’s already past midnight in Spain) and only a few minutes ago did I get to install one of them… I’m leaving the 2nd one for some other use some time in the near future…

For starters… BE PATIENT… They will work… BUT! You must add it via the add device IN THE DEV TOOLS (graph.api.smarthings…)

I’ve got the guide from somewhere here in the forums but just to summarise:

  1. Put the ST app in pairing mode… yeah, even though I said you have to do it in the dev tools… this first step is kinda crucial.

  2. in the Dev tools… go to the hub’s own logs… not the live log… in the hub… (My hubs - List Events)

  3. Click the switch and look for a “catchall” line in the log… (might have to refresh)

  4. Jot down the 7th group of numbers and letters… you’ll need it.

  5. I’ll assume at this point you’ve already added the DH that’s in this thread somewhere (I have it in a Github)… Go to the devices area and add a new device… network address will be the 4 letters/numbers you jotted down before…

  6. Enjoy!

Took me a good half hour or more (but less than an hour) to figure it all out… Worth every second! :slight_smile:

Update: For no apparent reason, I just found out that the switch isn’t working… ugh… what can I try?

I am not having any luck. I get the catchall but what I presume is the network id - 2625 - is not working. Any ideas guys?

catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 2625 00 01 115f 0a01

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For some obscure reason mine decided to stop working… funny thing is if I click the virtual button in the ST app it works… ugh…

You may need to allow a minute or two for the changes to download to your hub.

My Xaoimi devices sometimes just quit or go on holiday. Sometimes, I get an hour, other times a month or two. Sometimes, a single reset button press or popping out the battery does the trick. Other times, I have to repeat the entire process. If you do need to reconnect the device, do not delete the old device. Do the whole connect process (steps 1-4 of @danielccm), then:

  1. Go to the devices area and edit the existing device… change the network address to the new 4 letters/numbers you jotted down before…

I have no clue why they do this. My personal uneducated opinion is the device somehow resets, which creates a new “network id”, which changes every time for each device. If that’s the case, I’m curious if paired to a native Xaomi hub, it would somehow catch the change and update the system… and, if that in turn is true, whether the Xoami hub could be paired with SmartThings.

(I’ve read speculation that it may not be the device itself, rather it finds another parent device to connect to, which fails to act as a repeater. I’ve tried attaching the device where it’d be used at, and on top of the hub. I’ve even tried attaching them with all powered devices turned off at the switch. It never makes a difference that I can tell.)

If Xiaomi devices would stay attached, I’d buy them all day without hesitation. My only other complaint is that I can never remember how to spell Xaiomi. But I can search for “Mi”!

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!! THANK YOU! I had been waking up at night thinking about this… You saved tonight’s sleep! :smiley:


Just a night! ugh! I’ll debug it again tonight…

Here’s the Xiaomi thread:

The only suggestion I see that’s semi-recent is to use this DH:

I’ve been using a different one for my magic cubes, and those are the ones giving me issues.

I have my Double light switch hooked up… BUT I want to use it to turn on different lights. Meaning I want to be
able to either double click to get my porch lights on and single click to get my living room lights on and triple click
to get my laundry room lights on. Is that possible or can I do a Single click to get my Living room lights on and a long press to allow me to NOT turn on my Living room lights and turn on the porch lights.

Let me know if its possible or not thanks… I tried the Smart Rules app and its not doing it It won’t let me do it
unless I hold the switch for a minute… If I could set it to .1 seconds or 2 second Smart rules wants Minutes.
and I aint waiting that long to turn on a light :slight_smile: Thanks in advance…


Could you please share how you managed to get the double paddle switch connected to ST? I am struggling to add it, and not sure which device handler to use .