XBMC Notifications

Hey nelemansc, glad i could share the code with you. I made some small changes so you can get the latest version on my here. If you have an IP camera you can also check my smartapp that runs a security camera addon when motion is detected.

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I used both XBMC notifier and the KODI notifier with multiple rooms.Unfortunately no event showed up in my kodi instance!
Any ideas?I also opened the web server port with port forwarding to my router but nothing changed.

If you have any solution please reply!

Are you using my version from github? if so you don’t need to use your external ip/port forwarding. Just use the local ip and port setup of the machine running Kodi.

I am using yours.I had username and password on all kodi installations.I removed them but still nothing.Any ideas?

I found it.It was actually the firewall!Problem solved.Now I want to see if it works with enabled username and password.

I got the code to work as well, thanks! Works on all 4 TVs, Fire TVs and Raspberry Pi running XBMC and Kodi.
I was going to look into how I could do some type of text to speech but now I can select important notifications to actually STOP my video and with a pause, speak a notification. Read about that here RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

Thanks for pointing out that thread Chuck, TTS is the last part of my Home Automation setup.

What version of Kodi are you using, is that a skin and what are you using for the tv guide?

i am using openelec which is based on Kodi 14. The skin in the pic above is 1080xf.mb3, let me know if you need more info.


Forgot to mention that am using serverwmc as my pvr backend.

I’m not sure I understand, I’m a bit lost :frowning:
So you copy and past the script on a new smartapps, then publishing
But what do you have to do from the Kodi side?

All you have to do is enable Kodi’s webserver and make sure the settings in the smartapp match the IP and webserver port of the kodi machine .

Maybe this already does this and I have to wait until I get home to test it out anyhow…but is there a way to add functionality for other events? I have a notification when someone knocks on my front door. Would be very cool to have that pop up and let me know on the screen in Kodi in case its too loud or the knock isn’t loud enough…even cooler if I could get Kodi to mute in such cases.

Will this work for Kodi on Android sticks as well?

I am getting this error while creating the smartapp from your code

“groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: id for class: java.lang.String:”

Any idea why ?

Also do I have to put event ghost notification code as well ?

Does this smartapp still work? I’m looking for a way to display SmartThings notifications while in Kodi.

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hey there. Wanted to ask, how did you do this. Mine does not work. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Wondering the same.

Not sure if this smartapp still works or not, but I’d went with this one and use webCoRE to trigger the notifications in Kodi.

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You had posted about having made some changes and included a link to the code but that link is now dead and just wondering whatever happened with this? Should I use the code that’s posted earlier…?

Sorry, I have not used Kodi in years.