Would matter make IoT hub redundant?

In this article from Verge , it was mentioned that "Matter doesn’t require a central bridge or hub. " . Does this mean that IoT hubs will eventually become redundant when matter compatible device is generally available ?

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short answer

  • power efficiency.
    Wifi is not good for battery-powered devices. and for some reason, hw manufacturers still don’t use common protocols. Bt mesh was a good candidate before. In 2023 it’s Thread, will see if it’s going to be adopted by the industry. so far it’s like <20 devices. No phones on the list.

  • price.
    Eve motion sensor Thread + Matter $40
    Zigbee motion sensors, are 15 or even less from Ali.

  • features.
    Matter covers only a basic set of commands and advanced settings (eg scenes, gradients, animations, adaptive lighting) will require manufacturer-specific apps and extra hardware.

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