Working Speakers (44 Devices Confirmed , 29 waiting Confirmation) last addition: Klipsch Stadium, Help Us to increase the list

FREYA - Small Wireless Speaker (Wi-Fi) , it should works with Generic DLNA

X-SMC3-S Music Tap - Pioneer supports DLNA and must works with SmartTings

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Yes, the SLC-W13 works great with the generic DLNA. I created a device type to control the light (on/off, dim level, color) here - UPnP DimmableLight Device

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@ule Did you ever come across a compact, standalone and inexpensive speaker?

Hi @625alex , I´m still looking for a cheap , compact and stand-alone speaker, but I have not found it, I have used old android phones with Private Dancer app, and works fine, old android phones are very cheap, Private Dancer app works since 2.2 android version. But we need community help to find a cheap dream speaker

Taking the cheap speaker discussion to its own topic:

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The cheapest option is a dock speaker (~20) with Lario adapter (14.99), but a stand alone speaker is from 70

Confirmed to work with smartThings - Sony SA-NS300

Confirmed to work with smartThings - Veetop® HiFi AirMusic Box

JBL L16 Three-Way Speaker System supports DLNA and must works with SmartTings

I can confirm the D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender and Repeater works, a good way to make use of any old speakers you have lying around.

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Cocktailaudio X-12 Speaker System supports DLNA and must works with SmartTings

I picked up a D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender and Repeater (DCH-M225). When I play audio through it via DLNA it plays once, then starts to play it a second time and gets cut off.

For example, I’ve got an MP3 that says “Moisture detected near the water heater”. If I play that via this device, I hear “Moisture detected near the water heater. Moi”.

Any idea what could cause this? This is the third device I’ve tried from this list that hasn’t worked correctly. I’m perfectly open to the possibility that I’m the weak link :grin: , but all three have had different issues. Do any of the higher priced speakers “just work”? Am I doing it wrong?

Hi @btk , I think the problem is the device is in repeat mode, some similar issue was commented by @smorty71, you can try to use a control point app to disable the repeat mode, ( read the first post about control point RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)) I have a new version of mediarender device type who disabled repeat mode when a smartthings message is played and restored after finish, I will release this week, tell me if it fix your issue.

hi @btk, The Generic media renderer is “Generic” must work to every media renderer devices, but not all devices works equal, some load music fast or slow, some cuts off 1-3 second of audio, when this cut is for a 3 min music there are not problem but its a issue when a message of 5 seconds cuts 2 seconds, the device type have some settings to allow your media renderer works better with smartthings, try to read the first post of Generic media renderer to known how to adjust the settings.

Tell me what devices are you tested and did not work, @NinjaBread has reported the D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender and Repeater works fine, maybe he can help us to solve your problem

That certainly sounds like it could be the issue. Looking forward to testing the updated device type!

The R Pi 2 works with OSMC, the sound is pretty good on the “2” through the 3.5mm output. I also tried a B+ and the sound was awful, way too much interference.


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Bose soundtouch 20 Speaker System supports DLNA and should works with SmartTings

@ule The Bose Soundtouch 20 speaker does not work. Can confirm from my testing.